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AWS Cloud Migration – Ultimate Checklist
With Amazon Web Services (AWS), small and big companies can store computing power, storage, and other resources, maintaining access to a set of flexible IT infrastructure services as the industry needs them. With insignificant expense and energy, companies can migrate their application to the AWS cloud and decrease costs, reduce support and organizational expenses, and maintain the production, security, and dependability specifications of their business requirements. This post is explaining how to determine the mover [...]
How to Manage Kubernetes: AWS EKS vs. ECS vs. Fargate
Cloud technology has always been the number one choice for businesses that want to scale their business. At the core, we have containers. They are not new but have changed how enterprises scale their solutions. Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a well-known cloud service solution provider. They offer some exciting and valuable services for container management. These services include Amazon Elastic Compute(ECS) Elastic Kubernetes Service(EKS) Fargate As a business, it is critical to know the difference [...]
How to Build an Angular Bot With AWS Lex
What is AWS Lex? Amazon Lex, commonly known as AWS Lex, is a service that helps in building various conversational interfaces. The users can integrate these interfaces with any application using both text and voice-based conversation. AWS Lex provides advanced deep learning functionalities, including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for the sake of converting speech into text format. Moreover, Lex uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) or Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the possible intention of [...]
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Cloud technology is one of the main innovations in recent times and Microsoft Azure is one of the major players. This extensive guide about Microsoft Azure covers a list of various Azure cloud services. The growth of cloud computing gives companies the ability to instantly outline computing devices without the expensive and difficult job of raising data hubs, and without the expenses of managing servers with poor functioning due to changeable workloads. Microsoft Azure is [...]
Amazon Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Amazon Cloud is made up of a collection of physical assets, such as machines and hard drives, and virtual devices, such as VMs, that are held in data centers around the world. Each data center area is in a country. Regions are open in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Each region is a set of zones, which are separated from each other within the country. Each zone is recognized by a title [...]
What is the Difference Between CDN and Nginx? AWS Cloudfront vs Nginx Comparison
Nginx is the open-source server app (its source code is here) that you can install and run on your own server. It is specifically optimized to serve static content from your server like images or static files (i.e. not rendered by some code). Usually, the developer setting it up to run before a dynamic web server so it can serve static files first. Thanks to its speed and low memory consumption, it is extensively used [...]
Amazon Web Services Messaging System: SNS vs SQS vs Kinesis
As modern application architecture are rapidly moving from trivial monolithic to server-less microservices and event-based systems which makes the application more flexible, fault-tolerant, modular, and easily maintainable apart from these benefits it also comes with the added overhead of managing the communication between various components this is where messaging systems come in to picture. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a well-equipped fully managed messaging stack’s as services like SNS, SQS, Kinesis which comes in handy [...]
Amazon AWS Textract vs Web API
It is said that "Data is new Oil". And it is true if you consider analysis reports of today's economists. Future data will be more valuable than oil. But it makes us wonder, where is this data stored and how do we extract data to benefit from it? Most companies today in different industries and sectors produce huge amounts of daily data in various forms such as physical documents, scanned documents, photos, digitally filled forms, [...]
Connecting to Amazon RDS with MySQL
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest and most well-known on-demand cloud computing platforms available. Part of the reason for their popularity is that they have an easily scalable set of web hosting platforms, including storage, networking, database services, among many others. Typically these services are not visible to end-users but can provide a framework for hosting dynamic processing tools that you need for your site, and these services can be connected to many [...]
How to Setup a New Windows Server with ASP.NET MVC Application on AWS EC2
Learn how to set up a new Windows Server with ASP.NET MVC Application: 1. Setting Free Trial Account on AWS 2. Creating and configuring EC2 Instance 3. Connecting to EC2 remote desktop 4. Setting IIS on EC2 Instance 5. Installing Web deploy package on EC2 Instance 6. Creating ASP.NET MVC Application using VS2015 Web Express 7. Deploying ASP.NET MVC Application from VS2015 Web Express 1. Setting Free Trial Account on AWS Go to - [...]