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All You Need to Know About Life Insurance
The most critical asset to humans is their very existence. As important as life is, ultimately, it must eventually come to an end. The social nature of humans means that in the circumstance of the death of a family member, certain benefits that are driven through that member abruptly come to an end. In many cases, this adversely affects the livelihood of other living family members. Life insurance helps to provide some financial security to [...]
Home Insurance Types and Terminology
Since disasters are unpredictable, home insurance policy is a vital protection system for a homeowner to consider and ultimately purchase to protect themselves and their families. Therefore, every homeowner must be conversant with what and how home insurance policy works to enable them to make the right decisions. Home Insurance Coverage Home Insurance Process Homeowners vs. Renters Insurance Other Types of Home Insurance Common Problems with Home Insurance Home Insurance Coverage Standard home insurance provides [...]
What is Claims Processing and How it Works
If you have an insurance policy, you likely felt home with the insurer's great reputation or their policy quotes that spelled out everything you needed for your insurance.  The insurer may also have promised a fast settlement during claims processing. No one in their right mind would wish to have their car involved in an accident or be bogged down by huge healthcare bills. But if these unfortunate events occur, it is important to know [...]
Robotic Process Automation in Insurance
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Insurance promises to bring about the traditional benefits of automation, but at a lower cost, and with the flexibility of implementation. Industry analysts predict it is going to reduce the workforce by 25% in some sections, and at the same time create opportunities in areas that require higher-level skills. Table of Contents RPA Use Cases in the Insurance Industry RPA Adoption Impact of RPA Preparing for RPA Better Service Delivery [...]
Great List of Robotic Process Automation Use Cases in 2023
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Robotics process automation is driving the 4th industrial revolution. Together with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the technologies are creating opportunities for increasing scalability, reducing errors, improving compliance, and cost savings. The cloud can connect disconnected or discrete systems, virtualize resources, and crunch big data at fast speeds. The technologies free employees from repetitive tasks, empowering them to be more strategic and innovative in the workplace. Why Adopt Robotic Process Automation? [...]