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All You Need to Know About CSS Keylogger (2021 Update)
Definition of a Keylogger A Keylogger is a program that logs the user’s keystrokes without the user being aware of it. Generally, it is a type of vulnerability attack used to compromise the security of the victim’s accounts. The keylogger consists of a client-side and a server-side. The client-side is responsible for logging the keystrokes and sending them to the server-side, which they would use this info to compromise the victim’s security. Hardware-based keyloggers When [...]
Why Technical SEO is Important: JS and CSS for Website Optimization
Ah, SEO. Being ranked high in search engines' results is important for many website authors as - if SEO is done right - search engines generally drive visitors interested in your content to your website. But people think that SEO is only related to how you manage your content and which keywords you put on your pages. In reality, SEO is really broader than that. Don't forget that search engines are powered by bots - [...]
Get Inspired by These Creative CSS Buttons
So, you want to create a catchy button using only HTML and CSS. As you will see in this article this is very achievable using these tools. In earlier days developers used to achieve such style using other components like Flash which was proprietary and involved enabling a plugin at the client, besides that it was much slower while displaying. The main idea behind these new CSS styles is the latest updates to CSS and [...]
All You Need to Know About CSS Grid Layout: Introducing and Debugging
Cascading Style Sheets, usually known as CSS, is an essential piece of the advanced web development process. It is a very compelling HTML instrument that gives simple control over the format and introduction of web pages by separating content from design. In spite of the fact that CSS was introduced in the year 1996, it picked up standard ubiquity by the mid-2000s when prominent web browsers began supporting its features. The most recent variant, CSS3, [...]
Front-End Tooling Trends 2018 Plus… CSS Preprocessor Intro
Front-end development tools and techniques evolve rapidly, but we must stay on top of them to keep a competitive edge and extract superlative performance from websites and apps. To achieve this goal ByteScout presents emerging front-end tooling trends going into 2018, along with an intro to CSS Preprocessors versus native CSS code. To begin, let’s digest the stats on the tools most used in the field. Although there is no absolute guarantee of the endurance [...]
All You Need to Know About Modular CSS Integration with React.JS
CSS modules allow you as a programmer to write CSS with class and animation names that are scoped locally by default, in much the same way as you would write functions and use variables in Javascript. Over the next few months we’ll be looking at some specific usage cases for Modular CSS, specifically with React.JS; this week, we’re introducing the topic. Why Use Modular CSS for React.JS? With conventional CSS, we declare a class globally [...]
CSS module styles – how to write styles for Javascript application
A web page is essentially composed of three main pieces: -the content, most often structured by HTML; -the user interaction handled by javascript; -the page format managed by CSS stylesheet. All of those three parts are largely improved since the beginning of the web. In the late years, W3C specifies new standards like Html5 and Css3 while many frameworks are built on Javascript ( Jquery, Angular 2, ReactJS...). Javascript becomes even a server-side language with the [...]