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Best No-Code Tools for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Startups
Being an entrepreneur, business owner, or a startup requires technology use. These tools let you perform primary business functions. Thus, you need expertise in coding or programming to perform these tasks. However, several no-code tools allow you to perform various functions without being a programmer. As an entrepreneur, below are 10 no-code tools for your business or startup. Loom Tango Canva Notion Bubble CopyAI Webflow Gumroad Grammarly API Platform Loom If you want to [...]
ChatGPT Prompts for Resume
Every professional looking to land their dream job knows having a standout resume is the first big step. However, knowing where to start is usually the biggest problem. Although you may have tons of experience and skills, highlighting them in an impactful manner can be an issue. In addition, many solutions on the internet that promise to offer credible help do not live up to expectations. Nonetheless, ChatGPT is one tool that lives up to [...]
TOP-10 Software Design Patterns
Reusable alternatives to widely accepted problems in software development are commonly referred to as design patterns. A software design pattern, as the term suggests, is not a script; rather, it acts as a manual or perspective to support computer programmers in developing things that comply with guiding principles. This article is all about the top software design patterns. Let's take a look at it in more detail. Programmers can save a significant amount of time [...]
Top-10 Automated Software Testing Tools
A crucial step in the software development cycle is testing a software program before it is released and used by end customers. Software testing automated tools ensure that a particular software product operates or is utilized in compliance with the guidelines as per the requirement of the clients. Finding the appropriate technology for the project is essential to the success of any test automation effort. Choosing an automation tool might be difficult because so many [...]
TOP-20 Programming Blogs & News Accounts on Twitter
The programming world is full of innovations. Twitter can be a valuable place for discovering technology specialists in your domain who convey artifices of the trade, and the most delinquent news and trends. This article is all about the top Twitter programming blogs and news accounts that you must follow on Twitter. 1. John Resig (@jeresig) A JavaScript professional, John Resig is the founder of the JavaScript Evangelist for Mozilla browse. He presently operates as [...]
10 Sites to Find FREE Cheat Sheets for Developers
With the instantaneous expansion of technologies in web development, the quantity of details we have to know is growing. And occasionally you will not be able to recognize all the syntax, and techniques of a programming language. Using cheat sheets in web development corresponds to real-life web development issues in that people crack problems with reference materials. It lowers developers' anxiety in exams and they can focus more on understanding instead of attributes. Managing and [...]
TOP-10 Golang Web Frameworks
Golang (or Go) is one of the widely used programming languages. It is an open-source language that is utilized to create easy, organized, and safe software. It was created by Google and has been employed by coders all around the world due to its attributes like memory security, garbage accumulation, and likeness to C-language. Golang has become one of the obligatory mechanisms for programmers as they choose it to decipher complicated issues. Golang is a [...]
TOP-5 Google Chrome Tips
During a typical workday, you are likely to spend more time using your browser than any other program. And you're probably wasting more time with your browser than with any other program. Inefficient online surfing is one of the most significant productivity drainers. Here are some of the recommendations to help you make your online surfing significantly more effective. Everything from launching your most essential sites automatically starts Chrome to grouping binding sites into tab [...]
Paid vs Open-Source PDF Libraries
Thanks to the internet trajectory, the software world has been one of the highest-evolving domains. Invention persists to drive technology ahead, making new possibilities for startups to join the market and crack the new ground. One major conclusion that companies or individuals encounter is whether to go for the open-source tools or use a commercial path instead. The automated formation of PDF files is one of the most critical traits of any project. This post [...]
Windows Command Line Variables
The usage of values declared with the "set" operation is described. Variables are essential in several programming languages, although they aren't as crucial with the Windows command-line interface. That extent of variable is pretty tiny, but many commands are preset. But, there seem to be significant command-line uses for which relevant factors will be used, and I will explain how management uses variables inside this essay. How the "set" Command is Used to Define Variables [...]