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TOP-10 Advanced Interview Questions for Python Developers
Python, being a user-friendly language, is immensely popular among developers. Hence, the job market is also highly competitive for Python developers. Therefore, it has become necessary for them to be fully prepared and have a clear understanding of Python data structures and types. Below is the compilation of top interview questions for the Python developers: 1.   Why do the developers use “Self” in Python? Ans: The keyword “self” represents an instance of a class in [...]
Complete List of IP Ranges Masks
If you have ever dabbled with network devices or managed a network, you have surely heard about the TCP/IP; directly or indirectly. Well, TCP/IP is a suite of protocols used for communicating and connecting devices. Any device or hardware, say a router, switch, or a computer, connected to a TCP/IP-based network is assigned a unique IP address. IP address The IP address uniquely identifies the device in a network while communicating. This IP address can [...]
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Cloud technology is one of the main innovations in recent times and Microsoft Azure is one of the major players. This extensive guide about Microsoft Azure covers a list of various Azure cloud services. The growth of cloud computing gives companies the ability to instantly outline computing devices without the expensive and difficult job of raising data hubs, and without the expenses of managing servers with poor functioning due to changeable workloads. Microsoft Azure is [...]
List of CLI Commands for Angular, React, Vue
Technology is driving today's world. Many new technologies, programming languages are responsible for various pathbreaking software applications. This post is all about CLI commands of Angular, React, and Vue. Angular is Google's child, while React is created by Facebook and Vue is an open-source project. Angular CLI commands Angular CLI is one command-line tool that is used to start, create, structure, and support Angular applications. Following are the Angular commands: config: It is the most [...]
Google Cloud Services Cheat Sheet
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of cloud computing services that developed around the primary Google App Engine structure for managing web applications from Google's data centers. GCP has developed into one of the major cloud computing platforms on the market. This GCP cheat sheet will escort you through the fundamentals of Google Cloud, which will be necessary for novices and also for those who seek to catch a swift look at the relevant [...]
TOP-10 Interview Questions in Ruby on Rails for Freshers
Ruby on Rails is a web-application framework written in the programming language Ruby. Since its launch, it has successfully made a mark among the other frameworks and programming languages like Java, Python, etc. Ruby on Rails framework is easy to use, allows creativity and imagination while coding, has clear test codes, is developer-based and object-oriented. Due to these reasons, the demand for the framework is increasing day by day. Along with necessary technical knowledge and [...]
List of Frontend-Backend Technology in 2021 Trends
With the rise of new technologies, the scope of software development is developing remarkably. The use of advanced frontend and backend technologies is necessary for robust mobile and web application development. Here is the list of top frontend and backend technologies in trend in 2021. Top-8 Frontend Technologies In plain terms, it is a collection of technologies that are utilized in expanding the user interface of web applications. Npm Npm is also called Node Package [...]
Popular Command-line Tools with 3 Most Common Commands
Command-line tools range from scripts to libraries to applications and can solve several difficulties for users. Normally, they differ from web dev to service to production and can give a lot of functionality for people running from the command line -- even on Windows. Now, considering that users have a workable shell, let's take a look at some amazing command-line tools that are worth learning about. In many places, users want to execute a command-line [...]
TOP-12 Interview Questions in HTML and CSS
HTML Interview Questions 1. Describe the two types of web storage in HTML5. Answer: the two types of storages in HTML5 are Local storage: this storage property allows data storage without any expiration date. The storage of data for the given website is done on a permanent basis. It will not be deleted even if the browser gets closed. This means data will be stored till the next day, week, or year unless it is [...]
Common Operations via Command Line for Mac Os X
For many users, the Mac's OS X is one amazing user interface but for security researchers, programmers, and system administrators Mac's command-line interface is an important weapon and, in many instances, the only way to achieve specific tasks. Here is the list of some common operations via the command line for Mac Os X. Here's the list of commands with examples that might be a great cheat sheet for any user: locate lsof networksetup open [...]