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Learning about Facebook API (Part 1)

Facebook is one of the most frequently and widely used social networking platform. Facebook allows users to share their statuses, photos, videos, documents and much more. It also allows users to create their own pages which allow them to freely market their products. Where there is so much for a layman user, there is no shortage of APIs for the developers who want to integrate their apps and software with Facebook. A developer, though, has to learn the usage of these APIs in order to effectively integrate their products with Facebook. This article throws light on some of the resources that can help you learn FB API.
The best way to learn anything regarding Facebook is to check out their official website. The subdomain developers.facebook.com is dedicated to the facebook developers where all the development options related to facebook, exist. Check out this link for learning different facebook API.
Video2Brain is an online video tutorial website containing hundreds of free as well as paid technical tutorials. The site has a very good and detailed video tutorial on the usage of Graph API which is the primary Facebook API.  The tutorial can be found here
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Data Playround - upload CSV and sort, filter, view data using natural language.