Programming Learning: Free programming courses and apps for kids (Part 2)

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The 1st part is here.


  • Cargo-Bot – iOS APP
An app that teaches children the foundation of programming concepts through a game like platform.

  • Alice – Software – Windows/Mac/Linux
Alice uses an interactive programming environment to teach the creation of 3D animations.

  • Game Salad– Software – ALL Major Platfoms
A downloadable software that teaches children how to build android apps.

  • Move the Turtle – iOS App
Children play a game where tasks teach them some general coding.

  • GreenFoot – Software – Windows/Mac/Linux
Focused on Java programming, the downloadable program uses object orientation method to making learning fun.

  • LEGO Mindstorms – Software Win/Mac/Linux-Hardware
A downloadable software that enables children to build virtual animated robotics.

All of the resources are worth of your attention. For example, courses are fun because of Angry BirdsZombies so kids love it. But they forgot Minecraft.

Minecraft is awesome because even though it’s a game it still helps younger people to learn. There are also mods out there like learntomod where the player can make their own mod to do exactly what they want which is very cool.
If your kid isn’t interested in MindStorms at all and likes Lego very much so Lego-programming would be great for him/her. 

photo credit: Ok, let’s talk via photopin (license)