7 Best Sources for Programming Books (Part 2)

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4. Sams Teach Yourself Series


Sams teach yourself series is another learning resource for programmers. Good thing about Sams series is that they have intelligently divided the book into hours or days. Courses are compact and extra information is avoided with key focus on teaching the core concepts. Sams teach yourself series usually comes in titles like Sams Teach Yourself Programming in 24 hours or 21 days etc. Sams series books are highly recommended.

5. Ebookee.org

Ebookee is free website book store that contains links to several websites. This is an excellent source to learn programming for those who cannot afford to pay huge sums on purchasing books. A typical ASP.Net book can be found on the link at Ebookee. You can thoroughly search and find the book of your choice at this link.

6. Onlineprogrammingbooks.com

This is a website like Ebookee and contains free programming books in various languages. Here is the link for this website.

7. Freecomputerbooks.com

The last source that contains free programming books is Freecomputebooks.com. It has variety of hardware and software related books. It also contains programming books on all the latest technologies like .NET, C++, JAVA etc.