April 2015

Some of these courses are so alluring it almost wants you to take a knowledge road trip. Also, if you're enrolled in college and talk to the office about creating a club, you can probably host your own coding club with other students. It's way more fun to learn with friends that's for sure:Starter Leaguehttp://www.starterleague.com/A nine-month program where students will learn programming. Based in Chicago.Galvanize ithttp://www.galvanize.it/#welcomeA programming school available in Denver, Co, San Francisco, CA, [...]
ByteScout updated Bitmap Visualizer – free Visual Studio plugin on April 21, 2015. It is a visual studio debugger addon to preview Bitmap and Image objects while debugging.What's new Bitmap Visualizer freeware: Support for Visual Studio 2013 has been added Download evaluation version here
Just a short story from our forum. Live comments are always interesting!I'm one of those people who get bored with tasks unless there is constant feedback on my progress. (probably why I play too many video games) I have experience with code-academy, and can tell you that it's awesome because it's interactive and lets you write out the program and tells you if you're correct, but the only thing is i found myself unable to [...]
Some time ago we published 7 Best Sources to Learn Programming Online. Is it time to learn more about coding learning?Codecademy – Interactivewww.codecademy.comCodecademy makes learning programming basics fun with its interactive interface and responsive feedback.KhanAcademy – A Non-profit knowledge websitehttps://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programmingKhanAcademy helps those interested in programming learn the needed fundamentals of JavaScript, a basic computer language.Coursera brings school structure homehttps://www.coursera.org/course/cs101After creating a free account the user has the ability to participate in courses that simulate an online [...]
ByteScout updated developer's software for reading and writing spreadsheets Spreadsheet SDK 2.41.1396 on April 6, 2015.What's new ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK 2.41.1396:reading and writing of XLS files improvedWindows CE and Pocket PC minor issues fixednew "Save As PDF" source code samplenew "Insert Page Break" source code samplenew "Add Header And Footer" samplePHP sample addedminor bug-fixes and speed improvementsDownload evaluation version here
ByteScout updated software for reading barcodes: ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.21.1361  and BarCode Reader Freeware 8.21.1361 on April 6, 2015.What's new ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.21.1361:improved barcode decoding from images and pdfimproved PDF supportminor bug-fixes in linear and 2D barcodes readingCode 39 reading improvedPZN barcodes supporting improvedminor bug-fixesMore info about ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.21.1361 is here.Also, you can download BarCode Reader SDK right now.What's new BarCode Reader Freeware 8.21.1361:improved barcode decoding from images and pdfimproved PDF supportminor bug-fixes in linear and 2D barcodes readingCode 39 reading improvedPZN [...]
ByteScout BarCode Generator SoftwareByteScout updated software for generating barcodes: ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.31.773 and ByteScout BarCode Generator Freeware 4.31.773What's new ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.31.773:generate barcodes in .NET ASP.NETSetSmoothingMode() added for COM interface SSRS control for SQL 2012 addedWPF control improvednew GetPDFDimensions() methodsource code sample for Visual Basic 6 with Crystal Reports 8.5 addedminor bug-fixes and improvementsMore info about ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.31.773 and download linkWhat's new ByteScout BarCode Generator 4.31.773 freeware:barcode generator improved: code 39, code 128, QR Code, PDF 417 [...]
Commenting your code may seem arbitrary, but doing so while you're writing your code may just save you lots of time and frustration when you need to look back through your code and understand your thought process at the time.What type of comments does JavaScript support? Multiple-line C-style comments, One-line comments of C++ style, and One-line comments with the HTML comment-opening sequence.What are C-style comments?Everything within/*and*/is a comment.Here's an example of multiple-line C-style comments:/* This [...]
If your compiler produces a NaN, it has a property that it is not equal to any value, including itself. *If a is NaN, then a == a is false. If a is NaN, then a will neither be equal to, less than, nor greater than any value including itself.Another Example: regardless of the value of b, a < b, a <= b, a > b, a >= b, and a == b will all [...]