September 2014

New: ByteScout BarCode and PDF Developer Software Video Reviews

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Watch video reviews for developer’s libraries from ByteScout Software: PDF Extractor SDK Video Review: the demo of PDF Extractor SDK step-by-step from installation process, PDF Viewer GUI and documentation review to some features demo: text extraction, table extraction, XFA Forms extraction, OCR demo, ZUGFerD extraction. PDF To HTML SDK Video Review shows main features with easy way: installation, samples

MongoDB History and Advantages

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MongoDB is a type of document oriented database server developed in the C++ programming language. The word Mongo is derived from Humongous. MongoDB is an open source database server product which is used for document oriented storage. MongoDB has improved performance because it makes data storage faster and easier by using dynamic database schemas similar

MS SQL Server History and Advantages

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Microsoft SQL server or more commonly known as MS SQL server is a relational database server developed by Microsoft Corporation. A database server is basically a database application which is used to store data and other software applications retrieve and store data using some language which is called SQL (Structured Query Language) in case of

Pay per Hour vs Pay per Project Job

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In freelancing, there are two types of jobs. Pay per hour jobs or often called hourly jobs and pay per project jobs, often known as fixed price jobs. Both of these job types have their own pros and cons. In this article we have explained both advantages and disadvantages of hourly and fixed price jobs.

New: Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.832 and Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1358 released

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ByteScout  updated Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.832 and Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1358 on September 9, 2014. What’s new Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.832: text overlay now supports date and time macros while used with web cam overlay; audio recording is enabled by default; better handling of missing audio hardware errors; minor internal memory management improvements; custom WMV profile sample added; Java source code sample added; .net source

7 Best Sources for Programming Books (Part 2)

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read the first part here 4. Sams Teach Yourself Series Sams teach yourself series is another learning resource for programmers. Good thing about Sams series is that they have intelligently divided the book into hours or days. Courses are compact and extra information is avoided with key focus on teaching the core concepts. Sams teach

7 Best Sources for Programming Books

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Programming is considered one of the most profitable professions. In almost every government or private sector organization, a programmer is required to program applications and websites of the organization. It is said that programmers are born programmers. It requires a special brain to become a programmer and not everyone can be a good programmer. However,

MP4 File Format Usage and Compression Techniques

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MP4 file format, also commonly known as MPEG-4 Part 14 or MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), is a multimedia file format used to digitally store audio and video files. MP4 file format is also used for video streaming over the Internet. MP4 file format is basically a container which holds audio and video files that

Top 7 BarCode and PDF Software for August Harvest

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The harvest of ByteScout team is ready! 1) BarCode Reader SDK 8.10.1220 (July 31, 2014). What’s new: improved reading of images with noise; improved PDF reading support; (Pro License) new method .SplitDocument() to split PDF and TIFF files; (Pro License) new source code samples on splitting PDF and TIFF documents; (Pro License) new method to extract