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Top Free Android Apps for Kids (Part 2)

4. Magic Belles: Magic Music

This is an exciting music app for children of age 2-5 years. This application is categorized into six mini games, where each game is moderated by a fairy which plays certain music. This is an entertainment app for children with no educational angle however it can be a very interesting activity for your child.

5. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This is one of the most famous games for children as well as elders. It is available on both iOS and android and it is said that within the first three months, this game had over 100m downloads on android and iOS platforms collectively. This is a temple rush style arcade game where a minion is fighting with enemies and defeats them. This is another exciting free app and can be downloaded at the link.

6. Temple Run 2

This is another gaming application for android and is a sequel of famous temple run with some added functionality. This game offers entertainment for children of all ages as well as elders. This is also absolutely free. The download link for the game is here.

7. Carnival of  Animals

The last app in the list of our top free android apps for children is another exciting educational app. Carnival of animals is a musical app which teaches students, several concepts of music such as timbre, rhythm, pitch and volume.