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Top 7 Image Editing Apps for Android


We have compiled a list of top 7 image editing softwares for android. These apps can be used to perform any image enhancing and editing task on your android device. Most of the tools discussed here are absolutely free. Our list of free must-have android applications is here.


1. Adobe Photoshop Express


Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile version of the famous Adobe Photoshop. This application can be used to perform all sorts of image editing tasks, such as image correction, image enhancement, color correction saturation etc. You can not only apply variety of affects to your image but it also allows you to share you photos directly on several social media platforms.

2. Pixlr Express


Pixlr is another amazing android application for editing images. It provides you with all the necessary tools which can be used to apply virtually any affect to your image. Pixlr Express has been developed by Autodesk Inc and contains more than 600 different image editing features. 
3. SnapSeed
SnapSeed is image editor software designed for android application. SnapSeed, like other image editing application comes with myriad of image editing tools including autocorrect, auto image enhancement, edge detection and smoothing, coloring and saturation affects along with several image cropping capability. SnapSeed is a single tap application and most of the functionalities can be performed with a single tap of thumb.

4. QuicPic

QuicPic is another amazing picture editing software. A cool feature of QuicPic is that it allows you to hide those pictures and videos from your device which you don’t want anyone to see. Apart from this cool feature, QuicPic allows you to perform variety of image editing and enhancement tasks on your images. This is a must have application for your devices.