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The was an article Tiff vs PDF some time ago. This one is more detail about TIFF
TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format. TIFF is one of the most widely used image formats.TIFF is particularly popular in image editing industry, graphic design artists, professional and novice photographers owing to the ability of being easily edited. TIFF is a raster or bit map image format and the TIFF files end with extensions .tiff or .tif.


In the early 1980s, vendors of the desktop scanners had their own scanning format and there was no standard format for scanning images. Keeping in view this requirement, efforts were made to develop a common scanning format for desktop scanners. It was due to this reason TIFF image format was developed in the mid of 1980s.
At that time desktop scanners used to scan documents in binary format. The scanned pixel could have only 0 or 1 as their values; hence the initial TIFF was in the binary form. With the passage of time, technology evolved and scanners became more sophisticated and powerful and started to accommodate grey scale images as well. Finally color images were also stored in TIFF format. Today TIFF is capable of storing high depth color images of several types. No major update to the TIFF file format has been released after 1992.
Initially, a company named Aldus created TIFF file formats and owned all its copyright. In the year 2009, Aldus was acquired by Acrobat systems and currently it holds all the rights and ownership of TIFF format.

Advantages of TIFF Images

Following are some of the reasons why TIFF images should be used for storing images.
  • Compression
    TIFF is a lossless compression format which means that it do not lost its quality if the image if dot per pixel value is modified. This capability of TIFF images make them portable to almost every hardware and software.
    TIFF files can be easily edited and modified. It is due to this reason that this image type is very famous amongst the publishing industry and professional photographers who need to edit their images often times.
  • Easily Edited