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Top Free Android Apps for Kids

With the advent of handheld devices and mobile platforms, more and more people are shifting towards smartphones and tablets. Software development companies have also realized that, mobile applications are the future. Therefore several companies and individuals are designing apps to generate profit and attract public towards their app. Android, being the open source application development mobile platform is the most famous among the developers. Several applications have been developed for elders as well as for children. In this article we have compiled information about some of the best android apps that can educate and entertain children at the same time. Here we go.
  1. Numbers & Addition! Math games

This game allows children to learn basic mathematics in terms of a fun game. This is an adventure (arcade) game containing animals, mountains and trees which inadvertently teach children, basic mathematical operation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This game is aimed towards the children of age 3-6. The best thing about this game is that this is absolutely free.
  1. Gummies Playground

This is another excellent educational app for children. This application teaches children Basic English alphabets, numeric digits, shape and animals name. The application consists of a user interface containing animals, shapes, and numbers along with their spellings. Children learn these concepts in the form of a game which is more fun as compared to reading dry books. This application is designed for the children of age between 2-5. Gummies Playground is also absolutely free.
  1. Transformers Prime Story Cube

This app is based on the transformer prime TV show which is further based on a book by Egmont Publishers. This is basically a story telling app which tells the adventures of transformers robots.