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Windows Server Major Versions (part 1)

Major Versions

Following are the some of the milestones achieved by Microsoft in Windows server technology.

Windows NT 4.0

The year 1996 is particularly significant in Microsoft’s web server technology. Windows NT 4.0 was released in 1996 which introduced several advanced features like GUI based interactive services, faster printing and administrative capabilities. It also integrated IIS 2.0 in for the first time in Microsoft server operating systems. With the improvements in internet technology this free server was a huge achievement of Microsoft.

NT Server 4.0 Enterprise

In the year 1997, NT Server 4.0 Enterprise was introduced. This was an updated version of NT Server 4.0 and contained transaction server which was to perform multiple functions in parallel and then integrate those functions. This version was basically geared towards corporate sector and large organizations.

Windows NT Terminal Server Edition

Another major update to the server technology was introduced with the advent of Windows NT Terminal edition which has the capability of connecting to non-window based clients as well.