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Portable Document Format (PDF) . Part 2

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The Initial Slump

However, despite of these phenomenal benefits, this new file format was very slow to take off and garner immediate popularity among designers. One of the biggest reasons to this very slow journey to success is was that the Adobe Reader was a paid application initially. Secondly, many people were simply not prepared to think out of the box and failed to recognize the endless opportunities that this new file format was offering them.
After this initial failure, PDF was forced to announce in 1994 that people can obtain the new Adobe Reader software for free from various internet server locations and online services. Since then, the distribution methods have been evolving consistently that has also increased the popularity of this extremely useful tool.

Major Reasons of Success That Followed

However, the major reason why PDF has enjoyed massive success is the fact that the product itself has evolved a lot since it was first introduced in1993.  For instance, people could only print and view documents in the beginning but the current products allow you to even extract an image or specific part of the text from the file. Similarly, you can also password protect your files and most importantly, PDF files can be downloaded from any computer for free. This is exactly why, PDF format is considered as the most convenient and accessible format. It allows virtually anyone view a PDF file document. Furthermore, users can also see the PDF documents with utmost ease because all of the major search engines such as Google has built in PDF readers in them as well.


All the products of Adobe Systems such as PDF and Adobe Reader have managed to broke through the initial slump quite successfully over the years. Today, it is one of the most widely used format for exchanging documents as it has managed to impress even the most cynical of people in recent times.

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