January 2014

ASP.NET: history, purpose, versions
ASP.NET is a server side programming language used for developing dynamic websites, web applications and web services. Before dwelling into the details of the ASP.NET let us first differentiate between a static and a dynamic website Static versus Dynamic Websites   In the earlier days of internet and World Wide Web the applications or websites developed were nothing more than online brochures. These websites were used to convey information to the users and user could [...]
How to add barcode reading from web camera in your ASP.NET application? It is easy with BarCode Reader SDK
updated on 5 February 2014 (to include support for Internet Explorer 9+) It is easy with HTML5, Javascript and the latest version of BarCode Reader SDK! Screenshot of the Google Chrome browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari are also supported!) running ASP.NET code reading Code 128 barcodes from online web camera: Visual Studio 2008/2010 or higher is required for this sample to run! 1) Install evaluation copy of BarCode Reader SDK from www.bytescout.com 2) in Visual [...]