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Where to Buy Insurance for Travels

Traveling is an excellent way to cool off for many Americans. For many, traveling is an integral part of their work life. Regardless of the reason for a trip, an individual wants to do so while feeling secured and protected. Travel insurance is one such way for an individual to protect themselves or their family while on a business trip or a vacation.

Since several insurance companies offer a travel insurance policy, it might be challenging to select a suitable insurer for an individual’s requirements. Below are insurance companies that provide decent travel insurance.

  1. Travelex Insurance Services
  2. World Nomads
  3. Allianz Travel
  4. Generali Global Assistance
  5. Insuremytrip.com
  6. G1G.com

Buy Insurance for Travels

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex has been in business for over 50 years, which gives it tremendous experience in providing sufficient coverage to clients. The company offers two packages, which are basic and premium. It provides coverage for stolen, damaged, and lost baggage. Individuals that love outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing can get coverage in case of injury. Other supplementary packages can be added to the main insurance policy.

Travelex is suitable for individuals with children. It provides coverage for all children that are under 17 at no extra charge. Additionally, it helps assurers to replace vital traveling documents. It helps assurers with an accelerated driving permit and passport services.

World Nomads

The insurance offered by World Nomads is suitable for travelers that love to explore new things. It provides a variety of policies and supports through the multi-language customer support team. It is perfect for individuals that travel with sport, video, or photography equipment. An upgrade is also available for assurers that require such. World Nomads helps assurers with stolen cards, lost passports, and more.

World Nomads is perfect for hobbyists keen on learning new experiences as it offers travelers deals to learn new skills such as filming, photography, writing, and more.

Allianz Travel

Allianz Travel is one of the most reputable travel insurance companies. It has been operating for over a century. It has several partnerships with different airlines, travel agents, and brokers to help reduce the price for their clients. It also provides travel insurance policy with a wide range of features, which allow for cancellation at an affordable rate.

The company has a reliable multi-language customer support that assists clients with travel problems such as lost documents, local help, and emergency services. It also gives clients access to helpful and emergency contacts.

Generali Global Assistance

This insurer offers several benefits to its clients. It offers three types of travel insurance plans: Standard Plan, Preferred Plan, and Premium Plan. Each of these plans come with medical (including dental) insurance, trip cancellation/interruption, and luggage loss.

Assurers also have access to 24-hour customer service, which includes emergency hotlines. Clients are also given access to medical doctors remotely.


Insuremytrip is an established insurer that provides travel insurance to assurers. It allows clients to run a comparison between various policies. The company has a reputation for helping with prompt payment of insurance claim and mostly to the assurer’s advantage. Customer reviews have shown very little dissatisfaction with the insurer’s services.


This company is an online-based insurance company. It has a well-designed user interface that is easy to use. It also allows clients to compare different travel insurance policies. It helps clients cut through all the typical insurance terminologies that are sometimes difficult to comprehend.