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It works like a charm! -Youcef Y.
You guys went out of your way to assist me and solved my problem, understanding what I wanted even without me having enough knowledge regarding PDF or TIFF to properly express my problem. Thank you so much for your support. - José C., DataDot Technology SA, www.datadot.co.za
PDF to Excelconversion (text only) is used daily. - Multisolutions
Simplicity was the most important thing in making a buying decision, it took a few tests to evaluate the product and make the final decision to buy. - Armand G.
Thank you for your diligence on this issue. Your team has EXCELLENT customer service! - Victoria M.
Big THANK YOU to ByteScout support! You make us feel better and better that we have chosen the right software vendor! - Jim B.
I thank you for the extraordinary support. By the way, I have sent a request to Bytescout regarding the SDK, I have received the reply and I am working on. - Ben (MULTISOLUTIONS)
Thanks for this product, it solved a huge problem for me! - Jonas J, independent Print System developer
I am using for personal purposes a GAOTD "Second to none" -ByteScout Watermarking (FULL). I cannot say but "hats off" to your team. Andrei Boeriu
Thanks to BarCode Generator, I feel the ease of changing the VB code that suits my experiments. I picked this tool because there were an Excel barcode generator template and a well-annotated VB code embedded in the macro. It allowed me to tweak it for my research and made us decided to use ByteScout for our research. - Satisfied Customer