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Your team was excellent in helping this old man. I am really happy with your service and program. Thank you! Andrew
We are no longer reviewing available options. We're in search of the best PDF column extraction and we think you have it. I've spent a lot of time looking and testing. - Dave (US company)
As a software developer, there are often times when reinventing the wheel makes no sense. Third-party libraries can often cut costs and development time significantly. The problem is as the old saying goes, “You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a prince”. Many roads traveled result in disappointment and unnecessary waste of weeks if not months. Deciding on a third-party library to use results in something similar to a marriage. Your [...]
You guys are the best in the business! This is the kind of company that others should model their support after. - Dennis Mitchell, Primary Solutions
I would definitely recommend you but it’s a double-edged sword. I don’t want my competitors knowing I used you so they can do the same thing. Investigating the marketplace for AI, Online Doc Parser, etc. solutions and finding you took a lot of work and time. I am a happy customer! - Director at IT company, who decided to stay anonymous for this testimonial
We’re very happy, I quickly sum up why (sorry, it sound a bit like a commercial, but its the facts): For a year, we’re having a small helper application in place for a few of our customers who originally used a competitor QR-Reader. Unfortunately, due to a very low recognition rate as well as performance issues, we had lots of complaints about the application being unreliable. So we’ve decided to look for a better product [...]
ByteScout offers functionalities around creating hyperlinks and bookmarks within a merged PDF that isn't available in any other library. The team of ByteScout helped us to resolve and address any issues we encountered.  Now we are happy that we have the product running with ByteScout integrated and we are going to a full release. The team of ByteScout worked to resolve anything that we sent and they've done so eagerly, quickly, and incredibly diligently! I [...]
The tech support is by far the best I have ever worked within 27 years of development. Questions are answered quickly and program fixes are created and are made available. - Dennis
The product and support are very good. PDF Extractor is very easy-to-use and flexible. The support is the best I have ever worked with and I've been doing this work for almost 30 years. Great product!! Thank you, Dennis Mitchell
Digital Photographer since 2004, I had on numerous times, the need for "more than one" watermark on each picture. To this time I had to use Photoshop to do it, one by one, painful. Lightroom does only one and very limited. Nowadays, in my case, the way clients choose photos is from a web gallery and more than enough they do a screenshot with their mobile phone and they send me those, with no file [...]