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Simplicity was the most important thing in making a buying decision, it took a few tests to evaluate the product and make the final decision to buy. - Armand G.
Thank you for your diligence on this issue. Your team has EXCELLENT customer service! - Victoria M.
Big THANK YOU to ByteScout support! You make us feel better and better that we have chosen the right software vendor! - Jim B.
I thank you for the extraordinary support. By the way, I have sent a request to Bytescout regarding the SDK, I have received the reply and I am working on. - Ben (MULTISOLUTIONS)
Thanks for this product, it solved a huge problem for me! - Jonas J, independent Print System developer
I am using for personal purposes a GAOTD "Second to none" -ByteScout Watermarking (FULL). I cannot say but "hats off" to your team. Andrei Boeriu
Thanks to BarCode Generator, I feel the ease of changing the VB code that suits my experiments. I picked this tool because there were an Excel barcode generator template and a well-annotated VB code embedded in the macro. It allowed me to tweak it for my research and made us decided to use ByteScout for our research. - Satisfied Customer
This tool gave me the availability to get an academic license for my study project. I mostly use it for reading barcodes from PDF-files and splitting multi-page PDF files into single-page files. - Lukas M.
The most important thing that I liked about the product is that the DLL converted the PDFs to images without having to do another step. I usually use this product for the following functions in my project: reading barcodes and displaying them. -   Satisfied Customer
Thanks for listening to your customers. Actually, we have been using the ByteScout SDK in our software for many years already. In the beginning, we ran into some issues that were solved very quickly on your side. After that, it just worked and since no issue ever popped up, we never upgraded the version we were using. - Rutger, a happy customer