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Watermarking Pro – Software with Lots of Possibilities

Digital Photographer since 2004, I had on numerous times, the need for “more than one” watermark on each picture. To this time I had to use Photoshop to do it, one by one, painful. Lightroom does only one and very limited.

Nowadays, in my case, the way clients choose photos is from a web gallery and more than enough they do a screenshot with their mobile phone and they send me those, with no file number so I have to manually search them, very frustrating.

Then comes ByteScout Watermarking, multiple watermark layers, graphic and text and the best major thing for me is one of the multiple watermark types is the possibility to print the file name directly on the photo, which other software of this type don’t do. So now even if people just send me screenshots I can see the file name, this saves me a whole lot of time. This software has a lot of possibilities.

Robert Gilbert