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Thanks for listening to your customers. Actually, we have been using the ByteScout SDK in our software for many years already. In the beginning, we ran into some issues that were solved very quickly on your side. After that, it just worked and since no issue ever popped up, we never upgraded the version we were using. - Rutger, a happy customer
The most important thing was the number of methods and properties available to me to be able to manipulate PDF files in the ways that I required. It seemed like a product that many were using and I was able to find a number of examples of code online which helped me to piece together the functionality that I required. I mostly use the following: convert to PDF, bookmarking, OCR, annotations, drawing shapes. Tom P.
I needed the renderer SDK for PDF generation. The character spacing was also important and a game-changer by itself. The usage of non-standard fonts was also helpful. I wanted to make sure that in our various applications, such as poster generation and certificate card generations. I have been using it for 2-3 months. - Chris C.
I've been using ByteScout for 6 months and I like everything about the tool! They have perfect support all the time, even when we hadn't bought the product yet!  - Thomas T.
We use ByteScout Barcode reader regularly. This allows us to save time on the recognition of barcodes in the PDF we receive. We are happy with the product. - Benoit GARNIER​ G.A.C. Synergie Asso
Fantastic Product with great examples -- Nic D., GB Galvanizing Service Pty Ltd
Very good product! -- Basil A.
The product works fine! I like it! -- ayoola g.
Excellent SDK! 100% accuracy in all barcode readings - Clinton R., Marathon Petroleum Galveston Bay Refinery
Test run seems to have worked well. - David G.