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How To Make a Redistributable Screensaver From SWF Flash Movie

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SWF To Screensaver Scout Tutorial: How to convert SWF flash movies into redistributable Windows screensaver installer (.EXE) using SWF To Screensaver Scout.

Run SWF To Screensaver Scout, select flash movie you want to use as screensaver and click Make Setup button:

Select movie to convert flash to exe screensaver
The flash screensaver installer settings dialog will appear:
Make flash screensaver installer
You can change Title, Copyrights, Publisher and other fields to your own values, enter title for the screensaver, enter URL of your web-site, etc.
You can also set your own group name for icons, set license and readme text to display during installation:
Customize swf screensaver icon and installer text
Also you can set a text to display when user clicks “Settings” in Windows screensaver properties dialog:
Custom About text for flash screensaver installer
Click Generate to generate an EXE screensaver installer from selected flash movie. Save dialog will appear. Select a filename for EXE installer and click Save.
Generate button converts swf to exe screensaver installer
Program will generate EXE installer and open it in Windows Explorer:
exe installer of flash screensaver in windows explorer
To test generated installer, double-click it and installation will start. Click Next button to go through an installation process.
Click Finish to finish screensaver setup.
After clicking Finish installer will display Screensaver tab of Windows’Display Properties dialog. As we can see, the screensaver preview is displayed.
Select your flash screensaver in Display Properties dialog
Click Settings button to display About dialog which contains information about our screensaver:
Create flash screensaver with custom About info
The About dialog is displayed. URL defined by user is displayed by default in this dialog but you can set custom About text (RTF or TXT) in the Screensaver tab.