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Wyng – Zero-Party Data API

Wyng - Zero-Party Data API

What is Zero-Party Data?

Zero-party data is information that a customer willingly and conscientiously shares with a company. It may include personal taste center data, purchase decisions, individual relevance, and how the person wishes to be recognized by the brand.

Why is Zero-Party Data Important?

When a client believes a brand enough to offer this critical data, it implies the brand doesn’t have to guess what the client wants or their intentions.

Another possible explanation why zero-party data is becoming a pretty important part of the personalized data mix is that it enables and encourages people to provide data and justify their intent voluntarily

Wyng- Zero Data Party API

Some Features of Wyng are Listed Below

  • With simple, valuable experiences, gradually collect zero-party data from anonymized and known users.
  • Choose Wyng and your current systems to personalize your homepage, e-mail, Messaging, and ads with zero-party data.
  • Improve results right away, from converting to commitment.

How Does Wyng Work?

  • Makmicro experiences for your website.

Collect zero-party data throw various experiences designed for vital critical points in customer journeys, such as quiz questions, most good questions, exploration moments, progressive forms, and more.

  • Establish a Unified Preference Center.

Establish trust by providing customers with data clarity and control through a unified preference center on your website, where they can make changes and perfect their brand experience.

  • Personalize your website

Engagement levels, buying, and AOV by using Wyng to show the most relevant brand content, UGC, offers, and goods to each visitor.

  • API for Zero-Party Data

Data can be quickly and securely entered and exited, and specialized zero-party data processing can communicate the information to all your team members and tools.

Integration of Wyng and Attentive

Brands will be able to incorporate the authority of zero-party information with engaging communication by integrating Wyng and Attentive.

  • Increase revenue: 71% of clients expect personalized interactions, and customized tactics generate 40% more income for brands (McKinsey). With the best customization powers more interactive SMS messages from zero-party data, the most muscular and most enhancing client journeys are created.
  • Personalize instantly: The API-first, real-time configurations of Wyng and Attentive, blended with the insightful nature of zero-party data, allow you to create personalized customer journeys that mirror what clients want immediately.
  • Create trust: Customers have clarity and choice over their data thanks to the privacy-first importance of communication and zero-party data. SMS includes specific opt-out functionality, so customers know exactly what to expect and have complete control.


Wyng already has a financially viable client base of over 250 brand names and businesses, such as Cargill, Church & Dwight, Mot Hennessy, and Univision, that depend on its current Wyng Micro experiences good or service to source ZPD.

Hip, moreover to Micro experiences, the new platforms offer two new products: Wyng Profiles and Wyng Moments. To speed up recruiting and selecting customers and attract new clients to the forum.


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