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8 Javascript shortcuts you’re not using
Coding in JavaScript is the basis for all kinds of web and software development. Needless to say, it is an extensive process that needs to be carefully executed in order to produce the desired results. Now, thanks to some smartly designed shortcuts, the process of coding in JavaScript has become easier and swifter. And here are 4 amazing JavaScript shortcuts to help you out. JavaScript Shorthand Real-Time JavaScript Editing Declaring Multiple Variables Simultaneously Delaying JavaScript [...]
COBOL vs Visual Basic: Detailed Comparison
One thing is certain in the IT world; it is Change in Technology. Even COBOL is an old language but there are some companies and organizations that are using this powerful language. Visual Basic was developed as a complete programming language. The main purpose was to integrate newly built programs with a graphical user interface of Windows. It is easy to use and support in Business, education, and many other applications. COBOL Visual Basic COBOL [...]
Learn TOP-20 Java Commands in 2020
Find the common java commands list along with some examples. Study a short description and use cases. Learn how to use the java command properly when programming. javac Javap rmic klist Jarsigner Policytool Keytool Jshell jdeprscan jpeds jmod Jlink jar appletviewer java Javadoc javah Jstatd jconsole schemagen 1. javac javac [ options ] [ sourcefiles ] This javac command example and its options read an assortment of Java class and interface definitions coded in the [...]
Ultimate Python Tutorial: Web App Security Analysis
Cyber forensics, also called computer forensic science, offers many fascinating branches to pursue. In this tutorial, we will focus on the particular branch of cybersecurity analysis with code examples using Python as our language of choice. In the course of our Python socket programming tutorial we will build an actual packet analyzer, sometimes called a network packet sniffer. We will talk specifically about SQL injection techniques and how to detect and thwart them. This leads [...]
Professional JavaScript 2018: New Frontiers & Strict Standards
New standard methods of JavaScript development are at hand and demand our attention because of their potential for voluminous deployment across millions of important websites today. The new ECMAScript 2017 defines world changing optimizations which we can deploy to greatly improve performance. JavaScript’s extensibility recently appears boundless. Frameworks such as AngularJS have reshaped JavaScript development with truly dynamic SPAs. Libraries like JQuery are now so prolific and commonly used that JQuery appears alongside JavaScript as [...]
VS Code, Atom Editor – Alternative Editors for C#
VS Code, Atom Editor – How would be your c# development experience using them Have you ever tried to use them in your work? Are they easy to use? Are they improving your productivity? If these words are meaningless for you, this is our feedback after using them. Atom Vscode Conclusion VS Code, Atom are some of the new generations of IDE (Integrated Debugging Environment), to be more correct let’s say simply text editors or [...]
C#: A Brief History of Microsoft’s Premier Language
C#: Where it all started C# programming All about C# programming and C# language Authors of C# Entity Framework Version History Criticism and Opinions C#: Where it all started C# is the premier language of Microsoft’s famous .NET framework. With the huge success of JAVA and its WORA (Write once run anywhere) feature, big bosses at Microsoft started to think that there was a need for the programming language that can compete with Java. As a result, [...]
Expand and Collapse Elements in JavaScript
JavaScript is a client side scripting language that runs in browser. Often you would have seen animations on your websites even If they are disconnected from the server. The reason is that all the JavaScript code is sent to the browser by the server and browser is responsible for interpreting and displaying corresponding animations. In this article we are going to see how we can make a simple expand/collapse menu using JavaScript. Let’s jump straight [...]