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How to Write a Program on Mainframe Computers?  
If mainframe z\OS does not support your favorite programming language, there is no need to worry. Mainframe hardware allows deploying a Linux/Unix environment. However, you can use any programming language which can be supported by LINUX such as Python or Perl. Maybe, you think that programming languages used for code in mainframe must be 1st or 2nd generation languages? Even you may think, the use of mainframe computers is rare today. If you think like [...]
COBOL vs Visual Basic: Detailed Comparison
One thing is certain in the IT world; it is Change in Technology. Even COBOL is an old language but there are some companies and organizations that are using this powerful language. Visual Basic was developed as a complete programming language. The main purpose was to integrate newly built programs with a graphical user interface of Windows. It is easy to use and support in Business, education, and many other applications. COBOL Visual Basic COBOL [...]