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TOP-20 Battery Cases for iPhone and Android in 2023
It never appears like there is sufficient battery life to make it all finished in a day. Fortunately, there's an easy solution to keeping your iPhone or Android phones charged. Yes, the solution is an Apple battery case or an Android battery case. The battery case gives protection and also increases usage. Battery cases are essentially like power banks but they’re devised into the body of a smartphone to assist the smartphone that they’re harmonious [...]
Codecademy vs Android Programming Basics
Android software development allows for the creation of applications that run on the Android operating system. Apps that run on the Android OS come with devices such as smartphones and tablets. Courses that teach Android app development will require that you master key programming languages, in this case, you will have to learn about Java, Kotlin, C++, and XML. Knowledge of HTML5 / JavaScript is also great if you wish to advance your skills and [...]
7 Best Android Apps for developers
The following are some of the best android apps which any software developer can use and take advantage of. A Google Play link has been given for each app, where you can find more detail about the app. 1. AndFTP AndFTP is a cool FTP client application for android which can be used to transfer files from a webserver. Using this application you can set up an FTP server and then can you can see [...]
TOP-20 Image Editing Apps for Android
We have compiled a list of the TOP-20 image-editing software for Android. These apps can be used to perform any image enhancing and editing task on your Android device. Most of the tools discussed here are absolutely free. Our list of free must-have Android applications is here. 1. Adobe Photoshop Express Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile version of the famous Adobe Photoshop. This application can be used to perform all sorts of image editing tasks, [...]
TOP-7 Barcode Scanners for Android Devices
Barcodes are small images tagged or pasted on products that contain certain information about the product. Barcodes are often used by retail stores, warehouses, and even government industries in order to encode information about the product, vendor, and receiver of the product. It can also encode information regarding the source and destination of the mail or parcel. Virtually, you can store almost anything in barcodes. Scanners are special devices used to decode the information in [...]