June 2015

What’s a feature that iOS or Android should have but don’t?

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There are a lot of opinions about Android and iOs features. Here are the most interesting from our forums: It’s the fact that iOS doesn’t have the ability to have multiple accounts on one device. If Apple were to implement this (as Samsung already has) it would be a huge draw for people who share

November 2014

New: ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for JavaScript 1.12.125

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ByteScout updated developer library PDF Generator SDK for JavaScript 1.12.125. What’s new PDF Generator SDK for JS 1.12.125: German special characters (also known as Umlaut) supporting fixed; improved checks against control characters in input text; support for some Android PDF viewers improved: was incorrectly wrapping text lines which caused incorrect placement while viewed on some Android

April 2014

Top Barcode Scanners for Android Devices

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Barcodes are small images tagged or pasted on products which contain certain information about the product. Barcodes are often used by retail stores, warehouses and even government industries in order to encode information about the product, vendor and the receiver of the product. It can also encode information regarding the source and destination of the