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How to Make Your Economy Flight Comfortable

A long haul economy flight with little legroom can take a toll on your body and mind easily. However, there are 12 things you can do to make your flight feel more like a business class flight. Read on to find out what they are.

How to Make Economy Flight Comfortable

12 Ways to Make Your Economy Flight Comfortable

Drink Water Regularly

You can feel refreshed throughout the flight by drinking more water. Water helps to keep your body’s cells and organs functioning optimally. Whether you are feeling a little sluggish or just restless, drinking water can make you feel energetic again.

However, you have to be careful not to gobble copious amounts of water at once. If you do that, you will end up peeing most of it out shortly after. A good strategy is to drink half-mouthfuls of water, once in a while.

That will give your body ample time to absorb the water, and maintain an osmotic balance. In turn, you will feel hydrated and rested.

Noise Cancelling Earphones

You need to create an environment that blocks out external distractions so that your brain to rest. That is what noise-cancellation earphones or headphones do. Earphones such as the Bose QC 20 and Bose QC 30 can last for 20 hours and 10 hours respectively.

Alternatively, you can use earphones such as Bose QC 35 Bose QC 15, or Sony WH1000XM3, to block annoying background noise. The choice between using an earphone or headphone will depend on which one is more comfortable for you.

If your earlobes hurt after having headphones on for a long time, then using noise cancellation earphones might be the best choice for you.

Sleep Mask

Once you have dealt with background noise, the next option is dealing with light. Most people find it hard to sleep with bright lights shining on their faces. If that is the case for you, use a sleep mask to cover your face.

Stretch Your Legs

If you are not asleep, do not just sit for periods exceeding two hours. Take a break from sitting, and walk around. Do so every one to two hours. A five-minute walk every two hours can boost your blood circulation and un numb your nerves.

Get a Movie or Book for the Flight

A long flight is a good time to watch your favorite movie or read a book. That helps to create an illusion of time going fast because you will be enjoying yourself. While you can choose to read your favorite book or movie, it can be more fun if you watch or read something new.

To do that, make sure you search for a popular title on social sites such as Reddit or Quora. You can also choose to download an audiobook, preaching, or lecture. That will allow you to close your eyes, while you are nourishing your mind.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Unless you are taking an emergency flight that you had not planned for, then try and book your flight earlier. Apart from being able to choose a cheaper flight ticket, you will be able to choose your seat.

Find out from other frequent travelers, which are the best seats, on the type plane of you, are going to board. Factors to consider include engine noise, window view, legroom, and ease of mobility to and from your seat. 

For instance, the exit row seats do not recline, but they have more legroom.

While you cannot sleep comfortably, you can stretch all you want. The row behind the exit row has less legroom, but no passenger will be reclining their seat in front of you. Getting a window seat means you will not have to deal with a “frequent toilet visitor,” every five minutes.


Meditation is one of the best ways to use your imagination or meditation tools, to ease the pressure off your mind. A 10 to 15-minute meditation can do the trick without you getting bored.

There are meditation audios or music from apps such as Headspace, which you may download and use. You can also download some from YouTube, but those may require a premium subscription.

Travel Pillow

We talked of sleeping and relaxing your body, but you may already know you need a pillow for that. Without a pillow, you may wake up with neck pains. A neck pillow can help to position your neck for maximum comfort.

For a neck pillow, choose an inflatable horseshoe-shaped pillow. An inflatable pillow does not take much space, while the horseshoe shape gives your neck all-round support.

Most travelers who have used an ostrich pillow, say it is the best for getting you to sleep fast. You may get one if you are not shy of wearing an odd-looking headgear.

Lumbar Cushion

Your back is a sensitive part of your body that can be hard to fix once damaged. If you already use a lumbar cushion on a daily basis, make sure you carry one for your flight.

Buy or carry an exact replica of what you are using if it is not bulky. Alternatively, you can get an inflatable cushion.

Bring Your Snacks

It is not a guarantee that you will get served your preferred food on the plane. If that is going to be a problem, and it is for most people, then buy some snacks. 

You can buy your snacks from duty-free shops at the airport at a budget price. Common snacks such as chocolate bars, nuts, and even potato chips pack a punch in terms of energy.


You need to bring your own blanket because long flights can turn out to be chilly. Having your blanket and sitting on the window seat can help a lot if you want to sleep soundly. Alternatively, you can wear your warm shawl as you get into the plane, and it will not count as luggage.

If you are traveling with children, you definitely need to carry one for each one of them.

Elevate Your Legs

If you do not have much legroom, which is standard for economy flights, then elevating your feet can help to increase blood circulation. That is the only way to avoid swollen legs and pain in your joints if you are a regular traveler.

Buy or bring an inflatable footrest or a flight hammock, and use it to alternate between resting your legs on the floor, and elevating them.

Conclusion – How to Make Your Flight Comfortable

We hope you found this guide on how to make your flight more comfortable to be insightful, and you will enjoy your next flight.  

Pretty much anything that makes you comfortable, eases your mind and relaxes your muscles can help to male your economy flight comfortable.

Do you have any flight tips for economy class travelers? Please share it in the comments section below.


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