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How to Choose the Best Cybersecurity Masters Degree Program
In this digital age, everything and everyone is becoming more dependent on the internet, digital devices, and the cloud. Therefore, the emphasis on internet security is increasing daily for businesses, government institutions, and individuals to protect their important data. It is due to the increase in hacking activities, software piracy and cyber attacks, and terrorism to gain access to the data or impact the functionality of other programs or devices. These activities are why the [...]
The Future of Computing A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Computing
Quantum computing is the future of computing that utilizes quantum mechanical phenomena. This technique is reportedly more powerful and efficient as it uses superposition and entanglement for data operations. Quantum computing operates with quantum bits or qubits, simultaneously providing multiple states and faster computations. Combining multiple qubits allows the formation of a quantum state representing every possible combination of the qubits. One of the significant advantages of quantum computing is its efficiency in solving complex [...]
10 Reasons Why You Need to Secure Your Daily PDF Files
PDF has become a prominent document format for everyday use. Its use in businesses for corporate correspondence is even more pronounced. This format offers ease of portability, advanced security features, and wide support. PDF documents frequently contain sensitive personal, private, and confidential information. Regular PDF documents in general and corporate PDF documents, in particular, must conform to the latest security standards to keep the essential information secure. Experts typically agree that PDFs are safe and [...]
Frameworks for Analyzing Security Risks of Smart Devices
The development and advancement of the Internet of Things concept have led to an exponential growth of the number of smart devices connected to the internet. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of smart devices connecting to the internet will grow to about 50 billion.  Smart devices have been developed to support different human activities, including their personal affairs, financial affairs, and business affairs, which has made people’s lives more convenient. The concept of smart [...]
How to Manage Security Risks in RPA
Data Security is often neglected in the modern-day world, where data is the new oil. Any company's information once leaked may be prone to threats you can't even imagine. Moreover, in the new generation of automation, which has helped a lot in minimizing the errors and speed up the process, security threats have reached another level. So, let's explore how does the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deal with security, or it doesn't at all. Risks [...]
10 Cybersecurity Tips for Travelers – How to Protect Yourself in 2023
Maintaining your cybersecurity while traveling is an important issue. And it's no wonder that travelers are the easiest targets of fraudsters. Unlike your home environment, you barely ever get a properly secured network to connect to the internet while abroad. A research conducted by The Harris Poll and the AICPA suggests that nearly 60% of Americans, either directly or indirectly, have been defrauded by cybercriminals. The main issue is not the technology - it's our [...]
How to Secure your Data in 2023
Data is the new oil and data security is the most crucial part of any software programming. If data is lost, everything is lost. Programmers always make sure that the data is properly encrypted and secured before launching or releasing any web application. If you want to create any robust application then the security of your data is very important. This post will explain how to secure your data in 2023 by using various programming [...]
Security Focus: Repository & Versioning Platforms
Ordinary repository and versioning platforms like GIT and Subversion need security enhancement. This is because the current developer culture and typical coding practices lead to source code security vulnerabilities. In this ByteScout developer feature, we will explore repo and versioning platform enhancements that enforce security measures to prevent the attack. We will look at both software repositories and version control platforms because they work together functionally in continuous integration pipelines. Developer methods of building CI [...]