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TOP-22 AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter by 2023

Many people use Twitter to catch up with the daily news. More importantly, Twitter is now seen as the go-to source of the latest information for professionals and experts in the field of science and technology. Here is the list of the top twenty influencers in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that you can follow to keep up with the latest development in AI and ML.

TOP-22 AI Influencers on Twitter

Kirk Borne, @KirkDBorne

Followers: +274K

He is a top worldwide influencer since 2013. His interests include Data Science, Astrophysics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Space Science. He is a globally renowned speaker, Consultant, Big Data & Data Science advisor, researcher, and blogger.

Ronald van Loon, @Ronald_vanLoon

Followers: +240K

He is an advocate of advanced education and thought leadership in big data, IoT, AI, machine learning, 5G, deep learning, predictive analytics, cloud, edge, and data science. He is recognized among the Top 10 Global Influencer and Thought Leader by renowned institutions.

Erik Brynjolfsson, @erikbryn

Followers: +189K

He is the Stanford Digital Economic Lab director, which researches enhancing the economy with digital technologies. He is a professor at Stanford and an author of machine learning books.

Antonio Grasso, @antgrasso

Followers: +184K

He is a digital entrepreneur and startup mentor. He writes about the latest tech and innovation in AI, ML, deep learning, IoT, computer science, and blockchain. He is also an author and speaker.

Dr. Sally Eaves, @sallyeaves

Followers: +116K

She is a professor and focuses on innovation, tech, and education. She runs businesses related to AI, Cloud, IoT, and industrial IoT. She is an advocate of sustainable education systems.

Nicolas Babin, @Nicochan33

Followers: +86K

He is among the top social media influencers and a Key Opinion Leader. He provides technology consultation and speaks on a variety of technologies. He mainly tweets about AI, 5G, digital transformation, e-health, and sustainability.

Harold Sinnott, @HaroldSinnott

Followers: +77K

He is a Social Media and Digital Marketing consultant and a top-ranking influencer in digital transformation, emerging technologies, and business intelligence. He trains business leaders to enable them to deliver value transformation. He tweets about AI, 5G, IoT, and automation.

Dr. Marcell Vollmer, @mvollmer1

Followers: +70K

He is Director at BCG and a digital transformation expert. He writes about innovation, new business models, restructuring and reorganization businesses, and the global supply chain. He led many successful businesses throughout his career.

Marcus Borba, @marcusborba

Followers: +40K

He is among the top global thought Leaders and Influencer in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Bigdata Analytics, and IoT. He is an expert in modern Digital Transformation. He tweets about machine learning books, deep learning news, and other ideas in tackling contemporary challenges in the way of machine learning.

Catherine Adenle, @CatherineAdenle

Followers: +38K

She is a technology enthusiast. Her tweets cover AI, ML, Data, and Cybersecurity. She is a Certified Change Management Professional and often tweets about Career advice and provides motivational content. She is also a strong advocate of diversity in the workplace.

Vinod Sharma, @vinod1975

Followers: +36K

He is FinTech CTO, Digital Transformation Leader, and a Speaker. He is a Researcher and an expert on applying Machine Learning, Data Science, Bigdata Analytics to SMEs.

Helen Yu, @YuHelenYu

Followers: +32K

She is a Chief experience officer and focuses on improving user experience in digital transformation campaigns. She researches creating human-centric technology. She tweets about AI, Blockchain, Marketing, IoT, and Cyber Security.

Giuliano Liguori, @ingliguori

Followers: +28K

He is a famous Digital Transformation Leader and Innovation Manager. He tweets about Thought Leadership, Fractional Executive Services, deep learning, and the latest AI advancements.

Amitav Bhattacharjee, @bamitav

Followers: +28K

He is a CEO at Tech Asia Lab, and his tweets are related to STEM fields. He is among the top Community & Tech Leaders and writes about Global Tech Trends & Technological Advances.

Lucian Fogoros, @fogoros

Followers: +26K

He is an expert in Industrial IoT, ICS, Cybersecurity. He tweets about AR, AI, IoT, and education. He is an advocate of digitalization and ML. He co-founded IIoT World, a platform that focuses on industrial IoT applications.

Ed Kwedar, @EdKwedar

Followers: +24K

He is an Experienced Information Technology Consultant And has Skills related to SaaS, Security, Storage Area Network (SAN), Server Architecture, and Database. He tweets about Technology, Cloud, IoT, Bigdata, ML, Cybersecurity, AI, and Blockchain.

Terence Leung, @TerenceLeungSF

Followers: +22K

He is an expert in Product Marketing and frequently writes about Autonomous Supply chains. He is among the Top 100 Global Thought-Leaders and an advocate of digital transformation, AI, and value engineering.

Sourabh Singh Katoch, @SourabhSKatoch

Followers: +13K

He is a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, educator, Open Source advocate. He mainly writes about AI Research, Data Science, Python Programming, and Development. His tweets comprise AR, machine learning news, new AI tools, etc.

Wilhelm Bielert, @wil_bielert

Followers: +12K

He has helped create media channels for large mobile network operators like Deutsche Telekom and E-Plus. He led important initiatives for different brands and leading retailers to deploy digital communications and transformation in recent years. He tweets about industrial IoT, AI, and all things Digital.

YueLi-HSR, @HsrYueli

Followers: +7K

He is a professor and the director of the graduate and postgraduate programs. He works as a health services research at the University of Rochester. His research concerns Medicare reforms in long-term care. E-Health, AI, ML, natural language processing, and Data Science.

Fausto Pedro Garcia Marquez, @faustospain

Followers: +5K

He is a Professor at UCLM in Spain and a crucial part of the Ingenium Research Group. His research includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, analytics, Renewable Energy, IoT, and predictive maintenance.

Louis Bouchard, @Whats_AI

Followers: +1K

This Twitter account breaks down complex artificial intelligence advances into simple terms. From new AI tools to recent research articles, everything is covered. Also, the account provides various resources on all major platforms to learn AI.


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