August 2017

How to Find and Correspond with Remote Clients
excerpt from the upcoming book 'Without Office' by E. Mironichev How to find remote clients through a freelance marketplace “47% of all awarded projects on are awarded to the median bidder or higher, therefore employers are looking for quality freelancers and not simply choosing the lowest bid.” Joe Griston, Director at ,. If you sell your services via the Internet, freelance marketplaces are a way to reach customers in the U.S. and all [...]
How to Hire and Test Remote Employees
excerpt from the upcoming book 'Without Office' by E. Mironichev A remote employee’s key distinction is his or her specialization. At a standard office, what's often prized is a master of all trades, and the staff is usually comprised of multitaskers. In contrast, a remote team operates more efficiently when fast turnaround is required on the job when each team member works in his or her specialization. How this works is that 2 or 3 [...]
What about freelance market places? Do we need them?
excerpt from the upcoming book 'Without Office' by E. Mironichev What do marketplaces provide except featuring potential workers? There are some featuring marketplaces for finding freelancers from all around the world. Online marketplaces for locating remote workers were the natural next step on sites featuring job advertisements and not only make it easier to find employees and customers, they also provide the following additional services: Verifying freelancers. Freelance marketplaces verify freelancers, confirming their identity, and also engaging in [...]
Why entrepreneurs work remotely?
excerpt from the upcoming book 'Without Office' by E. Mironichev More global. Cheaper. Faster. Globalization changes the world and eventually the economies of entire countries. Parag Khanna,  international relations expert and best-selling author, writes the following in his book “Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization” published in 2016: “A country cannot change where it is, but connectivity offers an alternative to the destiny of geography… Financial investors in New York and London and the [...]
Generating QR Code for Different Data
QR codes are a form of 2-Dimensional barcode – QR is an acronym of Quick Response code, but they may also be referred to as Denso Barcodes. Created by Denso Wave in 1994, QR codes represented a fascinating step forward for the visual representation of binary data. Moving beyond the simple lines-and-spaces approach of previous barcodes, QR codes store information as a matrix, allowing a greater complexity of data and greater efficiency of space. Initially, [...]
What’s New at ByteScout – See Our Program Updates
ByteScout is constantly working on new improvements and bug fixes. We love developers and would like to let them have the best experience when using our tools. Take a look at the recent update at ByteScout: Barcode Reader SDK Here's the version dated by August 1, 2017 of Barcode Reader SDK. This tool is a perfect solution if you need to read 1D and 2D barcodes. Here's what was added/improved in this version: New [...]
All You Need to Know about REST APIs
Representational Stateless Transfer APIs - popularly called REST or RESTful APIs - are the most commonly used web services currently in use. RESTFUL APIs are primarily application programming interfaces that allow developers to incorporate HTTP requests to provide communication services in different web technologies. Put simply, RESTful APIs are primarily web services which allow efficient communication between two systems. In one sense, they are no different from normal web URLs that you use to access [...]
Coworking Versus Offices
excerpt from the upcoming book 'Without Office' by E. Mironichev Coworking is redefining the way we do work. Inspired by the participatory culture of the open source movement and the empowering nature of IT, we are building a more sustainable future. - CoWorking Manifesto Coworking is an integral part of the sharing economy and is a compromise between working at home and the traditional office. As a phenomenon, co-working first emerged in San Francisco back [...]
Fastest Ways to Create Shortcuts in C# and VBNET
A shortcut or a “Shell Link” is basically a link to another file or object in your directory, which can also reference URLs (websites). This article will show you how to use C# and VBNET to create desktop as well as Internet shortcuts, to allow easier, faster access to resources, whatever your usage needs are. Shortcuts are a commonly-used tool, as they are used by installers to allow the user to easily install programs simply [...]
Learn How to Operate with Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Database is a cloud database service which is high-performance, scalable, consistent, and secure database that can be used to develop data-driven applications. This general-purpose relational database can be used for different structures: for example, relational data, JSON, and XML. There’s an additional benefit to using Azure, which comes from the fact that it is coded, maintained, and administered by Microsoft. While operating inside Azure’s subscription-only environment could be seen as a negative for [...]