February 2016

5 Useful Shortcuts In Visual Studio
Visual Studio is one of the most popular Code Editors available in the market right now. It makes coding and development fun and easy. Like all other code editors, Visual Studio also has some really interesting and useful shortcuts. You just need to invest few minutes to master these shortcuts and you will be really amazed to see the results. Following lines explain 5 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts you can use to make [...]
At What Age Should Kids Learn Programming?
We are living in a digital age where almost everything dependent on computer systems. Be it a hospital, a departmental store, a school or some research center, computer systems have become an integral part of their routine operations. With the huge dependency on computers, the demand for programmers is also high. Keeping in view this trend, a question arises that at what age we should teach kids to learn and write computer programs. The answer [...]
ByteScout softwareByteScout released ByteScout PDF SDK 1.0.52, in February 2016.What's new ByteScout PDF SDK 1.0.52:Create PDF with rich text, vector drawings, images, fonts with easy to use API.This is the 1st public release of the software.
5 Useful Shortcuts In Google Chrome And Other Browsers
Google Chrome offers some really great and useful shortcuts to its users. It is a fact that most of us remain online during and even after our working day. Therefore, it is imperative for us to take maximum advantage of Google Chrome shortcuts. It will not only help you to save precious time but also enhance your efficiency. 5 Best Chrome Shortcuts to Use: Following are 5 of the most useful chrome shortcuts to learn. [...]
A backpack is an extremely important accessory for anyone who uses a laptop. It is crucial to protect your laptop if you want to increase its efficiency and lifespan. No matter you are a student or a mountaineer, you need a backpack which can keep your laptop safe from external factors days in and days out. Following lines compare some of the best, most stylish and cost effective backpacks.Following lines compare some of the best, [...]
Read the 1st part of the article The Reduce PhaseOnce input data is split into multiple datasets which have been analyzed by corresponding multiple map tasks, reduce phase begins. The input of the reduce phase is multiple map tasks which are given as input to multiple reduce tasks that also run in parallel. Finally the processed outputs from different map tasks are aggregated and consolidated into final consolidated result. The results are also stored in the [...]
What is the method of Map and Reduce – How it works? (Part 1)
Hadoop MapReduce is a software framework developed by Apache, which is used to process huge datasets in parallel across clustered hardware. There are two basic steps involved in this process: Map and Reduce. In this article, we shall see that how Map and Reduce steps work. But before that, let us review another important term i.e. MapReduce Job. A Job is a top level unit of work.  Job typically consists of two phases i.e. map [...]
C#: A Brief History of Microsoft’s Premier Language
ByteScout BarCode Generator freeware C#: Where it all started C# is the premier language of Microsoft’s famous .NET framework. With huge success of JAVA and its WORA (Write once run anywhere) feature, big bosses at Microsoft started to think that there was a need of programming language that can compete with Java. As a result C# was developed which is strongly typed and fully object oriented. The first version of the C# was released in [...]