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You can improve the efficiency and performance of your website development, web servers and web applications by using a web development framework. There is a huge number of platforms offering some really great features such as database libraries and templates.
Following are some of the best frameworks to consider if you are a web developer.
  • ASP. net MVC: MVC is one of most popular web development frameworks without any doubt. This particular framework comes with smooth separation of concerns (SoA) and you can fully control the rendered HTML. It is very easy to integrate this framework with JavaScript frameworks. One of the best things about this framework is that it enables RAD development, making developing real fun.
  • Bootstrap:
Bootstrap is another extremely popular web development framework nowadays. It is a great framework to create elegant and consistent websites. It incorporates JavaScript plugins, a grid system is styled elegantly. There are plenty of resources and tools that you can use to enhance Bootstrap’s performance despite the fact it can handle any type of development task.
  • PHP Symfony:
PHP Symfony is an open source web development framework. Sansio Labs, an interactive web development company originally conceived the framework to develop websites for its clients. It has become a leading platform for PHP development within a short span of time. Symfony is a really fast framework with emphasize on performance. It is fully expandable, sustainable, stable and dependable also.
  • Angular JavaScript:
Angular JavaScript offers some fascinating features to developers. For instance, you don’t have to write lengthy codes again and again thanks to data binding feature. Similarly, Angular is also brilliant in handling dependencies in addition with helping developers to create flawless and smooth websites. Most importantly, Angular is a great framework for XMAL developers.