Platforms as Services (Paas) to Run Online Web Apps

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App developers can choose from numerous options when it comes to PaaS (Platforms as Services) providers. However, there are many PaaS providers which seem to offer similar features and functionalities making it rather difficult to find right PaaS. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the best PaaS providers to help you find the best one.
  • Amazon Web Services
If you are developing or scaling applications on Java, PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js etc., then Amazon Web Services, commonly referred to as Elastic Beanstalk, is the best PaaS provider for you. Amazon constantly adds new tools to Elastic Beanstalk, practically ensuring that you always use the latest tools. Another good thing about AMS is that it also allows you to develop new apps.
  • Microsoft – Azure
Microsoft Azure makes things extremely easy for developers as it supports all frameworks, tools, languages and operating systems. In this regard, Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, .NET and Node.js are some of the options and languages available with Azure.  Similarly, it also allows developers to use Visual Studio to develop and scale applications.
  • IBM – Bluemix
Based on Cloud Foundry, Bluemix is an open source PaaS by IBM providing greater security and control to users. Developers can increase the functionality of the apps by choosing from various community services as well as third parties. Most importantly, you can migrate any existing infrastructure to Bluemix as well.
  • Heroku
Heroku is another great Platform as Service Provider. This very PaaS runs virtually every programing language at any scale. Similarly, Heroku is one of its kind marketplace for services, tools and components which will transform your apps from pretty decent to extraordinary. Another great thing about Heroku is that you can flawlessly integrate it with other PaaS providers such as Salesforce.