June 2015

Have you ever struggled to find games that are fun but also educational for kids (your son, daughter, nephew)? Here is a list of free programming courses and apps for kids.    It's time to try programming learning together with your kid! Scratch Animation http://scratch.mit.edu A website provided by MIT that lets children of all ages bring animated characters to life with code commands.   Kodable Pro – iOS APP https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kodable/id577673067 An app for iPad that [...]
The most of ByteScout's products are libraries and SDKs for developers, however, this month a popular end-user application for converting PowerPoint to video has been released. What's new ByteScout PPT To Video Scout 2.50.51 (June 8, 2015):ppt to video and pptx to video converting improvedweb cam preview is shown at the right bottom (use the "Record webcam" enabled option)1280x720 (720p) default video outputoutput video quality improved for WMV video outputminor bug-fixes More info about PPT [...]
Updated Software: ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 6.00.2115, PDF Viewer SDK 6.00.2124, PDF To HTML SDK 6.00.2114
ByteScout updated some developer libraries: ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK 6.00.2114,  ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK 6.00.2124 and ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 6.00.2115.  What's new ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK 6.00.2114,: PDF to HTML conversion improving PDF format support improving images, fonts, text encoding support improving minor issues with HTML output fixed some more minor improvements and fixes What's new ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 6.00.2115: stability of PDF to Image conversion improving fonts and text rendering support improving rendering of pdf controls improving some minor bug-fixes and improvements   [...]
Updated Software: ByteScout Bitmap Visualizer for Visual Studio 2005-2013 ver.1.2.103
ByteScout updated Bitmap Visualizer 1.02.103 – free Visual Studio plugin on June 9, 2015. This visual studio debugger addon previews Bitmap and Image objects while debugging. ByteScout Bitmap Visualizer screenshot What's new Bitmap Visualizer for Visual Studio 2005-2013 ver.1.2.103 freeware: Suppressed GDI+ exceptions on malformed bitmaps serialization and de-serialization Minor bugfixes Download evaluation version here
QR Codes Comeback?
"I know they aren't technically gadgets, but I felt this was the most relevant place. Anyway, QR codes in my opinion are pretty fantastic, but general opinion is negative and caused the whole thing to flop".  Some opinions: I'd love to use QR codes in marketing campaigns and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what would make them better or if they ever have a chance of gaining popularity again. The reason [...]
What’s your backup method?
I've only been using a terabyte external hard drive for backing up my laptop, and was wondering if any of you guys had more secure ways to save your stuff in case of failure.  Yes, the guys have answers: Mine is pretty simplistic. Google Drive has my important docs because gmail is my main email, icloud has my photos and music.  External is always good because one thing goes wrong with digital and "poof", everythings [...]
Some simple tips about choosing computer for developers. Pros about surface: 10 point touch screen Full operating system in compact device Camera – front and back.Pros about standard laptop: More ram Greater storage space. It's better a laptop for coding. But as a gift for yourself for Christmas and so on you'd chose something new – Surface Pro looks good. The price (1500 for top of line) is absurd. No one is better as no way to type [...]
There are a lot of opinions about Android and iOs features. Here are the most interesting from our forums:It's the fact that iOS doesn't have the ability to have multiple accounts on one device. If Apple were to implement this (as Samsung already has) it would be a huge draw for people who share devices or have children. Anyway, the one thing can be irritating when you tried an Apple product was the lack of a [...]