August 2014

PDF Extractor SDK 5.00.1626 new features
ByteScout's updated PDF Extractor SDK. Here are the 3 most important features this version 5.00.1626: Advanced text search (with support for regular expressions, word matching options and more). Image to text support (OCR - Optical Character Recognition, includes support for English, German, Spanish and other languages). Special mode to repair damaged text (when PDF shows correct text but copies damaged text - this is caused by some pdf generators). Simply put, the OCR supporting is added in the [...]
AVI File Format and its Advantages and Disadvantages
AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved. AVI is a video and audio file format used to store audio and/or video information digitally for playback purposes. AVI format enjoys built-in support in all the Microsoft’s Windows platform. AVI files have file extension .avi. Apart from Windows OS, AVI format is supported by all the major platforms. AVI works as a container to hold videos and audios created and compressed using several codecs like DivX and XviD. [...]
read the first part here 5. C4droid C4droid is a C language code compiler designed specially to run on Android platforms. This application uses traditional GCC compiler which is used for compiling applications on Unix platform. With certain modifications to this app, C++ code can also be compiled on this application.  The application costs only 1.5$. Further details about this application are here. 6. C# To Go C# To Go is an android app which [...]
Following are some of the best android apps which any software developer can use and take advantage of. A Google Play link has been given for each app, where you can find more detail about the app.AndFTPAndFTP is a cool FTP client application for android which can be used to transfer files from webserver. Using this application you can set up FTP server and then can you can see your file on your device and [...]
Steps to start as a Freelancer (PART 2)
Bid only on the project of your Expertise DO NOT bid on each and every project. Bid only on projects which you really think you will be able to complete. You have got limited number of bids so use them sensibly and don’t waste them on projects that are too big or you think you will not be able to handle. Demonstrate your knowledge to the client in bid The quality of your bid is [...]
Steps to start as a Freelancer
People often look for part-time earning options in order to maintain a better life standard. There are people who want to work but work according to their own schedule and there are also those people who want to earn while sitting at home. The answer to the questions of all the people mentioned above is freelancing. Now the problem is how to start? Many don’t know how to start as a freelancer on freelance websites. [...]
New: BarCode Generator and BarCode Reader software released
Some more updates of developer software from ByteScout in August, 2014: ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.10.713 BarCode Generator Freeware 4.10.713 BarCode Reader SDK 8.10.1220 BarCode Reader 8.10.1220 What's new BarCode Generator SDK 4.10.713: Improved barcode generator API;  ValueIsValidGS1(value) method added to verify GS1 value; GS1 (EAN128, GS-128, GS1 Datamatrix) text caption generation improved for long values; TextEncodingCodePage and TextEncodingUseUTF8 added for use from ActiveX/COM interfaces; DrawImagesToPDF() now allows multiple images to be added; Minor fixes More info about BarCode Generator SDK   [...]
Best Freelance Websites for Developers, Designers and Writers (Part 2)
read the first part here Freelancer Started in 2003, Freelancer is ranked among the top three freelance websites on the internet at the moment. With a slick interface and more than 3 million projects live on average, freelance is considered freelancer’s heaven. At freelance, jobs are intelligently grouped into sections which make it easier for freelancers to find the job of their interest. For employees, there are lots of gadgets available which help them [...]