July 2014

Best Freelance Websites for Developers, Designers and Writers
Freelancing has recently evolved as one of the most profitable industries. Many organizations prefer to outsource their work rather than hiring a full-time in-house employee. Similarly, people who want freedom at work and want to work according to their own schedule prefer freelance jobs rather than full time, in-house jobs. Freelancing has both pros and cons for the employee as well as the employer. In this article, we have provided details of some of the [...]
7 Things Every Successful Freelancer do (Part 2)
read the first part here Show Interest in the Task You should work on a task like you are enjoying the task. Complete the task as if it is your own task. The more interest you show in the task the more it becomes easier and quality of the task is certainly improved. Clients prefer those freelancers who focus on details of the project and show deep interest in what they are doing. Meet Deadlines [...]
Freelancing has emerged as a fast growing industry and has been credited with providing jobs to millions of people around the globe. Almost everyone has thought of becoming a freelancer once in life but not every freelancer is successful but there are many freelancers that are extremely successful and earning thousands of dollars per month. In this article we have enlisted 7 things which every successful freelancer do. If you want to become a successful [...]
PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.10.105 updating
  What's new ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.10.105:   text output issues fixed; JPG images supporting improved: now PDF files with JPG images are much smaller; minor bug-fixes. More detail info about PDF Generator SDK for JS
PNG Image Format
PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. PNG is a type of image format like other image formats such as JPEG, GIF and TIFF. PNG is commonly pronounced as P-N-G where as some people also call it “ping”. PNG is used for lossless image compression and is a raster graphics file format. PNG supports all the true colors and is widely used for image transferring on World Wide Web. PNG is not suitable for printing purposes [...]
Top Free Android Apps for Kids (Part 2)
read the first part here 4. Magic Belles: Magic Music This is an exciting music app for children of age 2-5 years. This application is categorized into six mini games, where each game is moderated by a fairy which plays certain music. This is an entertainment app for children with no educational angle however it can be a very interesting activity for your child. 5. Despicable Me: Minion Rush This is one of the most [...]
Top Free Android Apps for Kids
With the advent of handheld devices and mobile platforms, more and more people are shifting towards smartphones and tablets. Software development companies have also realized that, mobile applications are the future. Therefore several companies and individuals are designing apps to generate profit and attract public towards their app. Android, being the open source application development mobile platform is the most famous among the developers. Several applications have been developed for elders as well as for [...]
Top 7 Image Editing Apps for Android (Part 2)
read the first part here   5. Photo Grid – Collage Maker     Photo Grid is another exciting app which allows you to make collages. Photo Grid consists of a set of four different collage editors which can be used accordingly. These collage editors are Grid HD, Single HD, H & W HD and the Sketch Guru. These editors allow you to take nine images at a time and then make a collage of [...]