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Aztec Barcodes. Advantages, Limitations and Usage.

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• Can encode all the 256 ASCII and extended ASCII characters.
• High density barcode can encode large amount of data in small barcode.
• As is the case with other 2-D barcodes. Aztec has extremely high damage tolerance capability; therefore a damage Aztec code can also be read unlike 1-D barcodes.
• Self-error checking and correction capability.


• Cannot be scanned with simple scanning devices. Needs complex laser scanners.
• Requires substantial amount of training to understand. Not easy for a layman user to encode and decode Aztec code.


• Aztec code is used in travel and transport industry. Many transport companies such as Slovakian Railways, Czech Railways, Deutsche Bahm, Eurostar, KPK Intercity, Swiss Federal Railways, Virgin Trains, VR Group and Via Rails. These companies use Aztec code for the online ticketing which user can print.
• Airline companies have also adopted Aztec and this code is often inscribed on the board passes of the travellers.
• In Poland, registration documents of the vehicles have Aztec code inscribed on them which contains summary of the vehicle’s information.
• Many companies in Canada use Aztec code on their invoices which contain the detail of the purchase and bill summary.


The best utilization of Aztec code is when one wants to encode extended ASCII characters because this is the code which allows the encoding of ASCII and all extended ASCII characters.