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How to parse with OCR in VB.NET with ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK

How to code in VB.NET to parse with OCR with this step-by-step tutorial

Every ByteScout tool contains example VB.NET source codes that you can find here or in the folder with installed ByteScout product. ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK is the automatic invoice parsing engine and data extraction SDK. Relies on the built-in database and supports thousands of vendors out of the box! Can work offline and can detects and extract company name, invoice number, date, total amount to be paid and other fields. The database of supported invoices is updated on regular basis. Data output can be exported in JSON, XML, CSV formats or directly integrated with other apps and you can use it to parse with OCR with VB.NET.

This rich sample source code in VB.NET for ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK includes the number of functions and options you should do calling the API to parse with OCR. This VB.NET sample code is all you need for your app. Just copy and paste the code, add references (if needs to) and you are all set! Use of ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK in VB.NET is also explained in the documentation included along with the product.

Free trial version of ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK is available on our website. Documentation and source code samples are included.

Try ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK today:  60 Day Free Trial (on-premise) or  Web API (on-demand version)

Imports ByteScout.InvoiceParser ' This example demonstrates the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to parse invoice data ' from scanned PDF documents and raster images. Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim inputDocument1 As String = ".\DigitalOcean-scanned.jpg" ' Create InvoiceParser instance Using invoiceParser As New InvoiceParser("demo", "demo") ' Enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ' in .Auto mode (SDK automatically checks if needs to use OCR or not) invoiceParser.OCRMode = OCRMode.Auto ' Set the location of OCR language data files invoiceParser.OCRLanguageDataFolder = "c:\Program Files\ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK\ocrdata" ' Set OCR language ' "eng" for english, "deu" for German, "fra" for French, etc. - according to files in "ocrdata" folder invoiceParser.OCRLanguage = "eng" ' Find more language files at Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Parsing ""{inputDocument1}""...") Console.WriteLine() ' Parse invoice data in JSON format Dim jsonString As String = invoiceParser.ParseDocument(inputDocument1, OutputFormat.JSON) ' Display parsed data in console Console.WriteLine("Parsing results in JSON format:") Console.WriteLine() Console.WriteLine(jsonString) End Using Console.WriteLine() Console.WriteLine("Press any key to continue...") Console.ReadLine() End Sub End Module

Try ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK today:  60 Day Free Trial (on-premise) or  Web API (on-demand version)



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