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I recently downloaded the demo version of ByteScout's PDF text extractor. For most PDF files I tried, the software worked well. Unfortunately, for a series of PDFs central to my application, the PDF author had encoded the files in such a way that the text could not be extracted, so in the end, I couldn't use the product. But while the ByteScout support agent and I were working through the issue, his attempts to help [...]
Thanks to you and your support process, we were able to complete the integration of your PDFExtractor into our product as an alternative way to extract text from PDF documents. Your process was just what was needed – addressing the couple anomalies and apparent anomalies quickly and thoroughly. As we both know, PDF text extraction is necessarily an imprecise/imperfect process that must at times rely on parameters such as DetectNewColumnBySpacesRatio to optimize results. It is [...]
If I had to say one thing it is that your support service is world class. The responses are fast, clear and helpful. Indeed I would say actually above what I would have been expected. – Stuart & David McGill
Thank You… that is above and beyond service BTW I use the software daily and love it – Marty S.
I just wanted to thank you so very much. I have never had such fantastic service before from anyone – Dalene E.
 Great, the best screen capturing performance SDK and quality, according to my experience with many other alternatives, like Viscom Screem2Video. - -Alaa
I think it is a great program, excellent tool from a photographer's point of view. I am using it to add multiple watermarks and show the file name of the photograph, as well as resize the photographs all in one go, for publishing on the web (so that clients can place orders). Saves so much time! – Renette
I love that this is a standalone product, it's easy to use, and processing images is fast! The main use of this software is to watermark certain images I post on Facebook and other various social media sites. My favorite feature is the Demotivation Poster; it allows me to add a caption and my name without putting anything on the image itself. -- Paul
I like PPT to VideoScout a lot. I find Powerpoint much underused (or badly used just to make boring text bullet points slides). In fact, some effective simple animations can be created in Powerpoint without having to resort to anything as complicated as Flash. However, PPT is just PPT; I have always wanted to convert my PPT animations to video and until now, any conversion tools I tried were only partially satisfactory. I have not [...]
 Fantastic product, extremely functional and support is magnificent. We are using the extractor to parse PDF files supplied to us by a customer (hence we have no control over formatting). We convert the PDF's to XML for distribution from our central server to our iPad based field service software. Our customer can't believe that we have been able to process their PDF's to drive our software - always good when you can impress the customer. [...]