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The most important thing was the number of methods and properties available to me to be able to manipulate PDF files in the ways that I required. It seemed like a product that many were using and I was able to find a number of examples of code online which helped me to piece together the functionality that I required. I mostly use the following: convert to PDF, bookmarking, OCR, annotations, drawing shapes. Tom P.
I needed the renderer SDK for PDF generation. The character spacing was also important and a game-changer by itself. The usage of non-standard fonts was also helpful. I wanted to make sure that in our various applications, such as poster generation and certificate card generations. I have been using it for 2-3 months. - Chris C.
I've been using ByteScout for 6 months and I like everything about the tool! They have perfect support all the time, even when we hadn't bought the product yet!  - Thomas T.
We use ByteScout Barcode reader regularly. This allows us to save time on the recognition of barcodes in the PDF we receive. We are happy with the product. - Benoit GARNIER​ G.A.C. Synergie Asso
Fantastic Product with great examples -- Nic D., GB Galvanizing Service Pty Ltd
Very good product! -- Basil A.
The product works fine! I like it! -- ayoola g.
Excellent SDK! 100% accuracy in all barcode readings - Clinton R., Marathon Petroleum Galveston Bay Refinery
Test run seems to have worked well. - David G.
Very cool product! - Stephen E.