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Technical Support – Outstanding and Fast

I recently downloaded the demo version of ByteScout’s PDF text extractor. For most PDF files I tried, the software worked well. Unfortunately, for a series of PDFs central to my application, the PDF author had encoded the files in such a way that the text could not be extracted, so in the end, I couldn’t use the product. But while the ByteScout support agent and I were working through the issue, his attempts to help were simply outstanding. I never waited more than a day or so for a response to an email, and the responses were very detailed, helpful and easy to understand. He provided the kind of support that used to be the standard years ago but that you very seldom get from a vendor today. He even helped me find a workaround that let me accomplish my goals, even though it didn’t require me to purchase his product. If I ever need another product from ByteScout’s offerings, I won’t hesitate to try it based on the support I know I’ll get. — Alan Holbrook