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Using Manual Mode to Digitize Complex Graphs, Plots, Oscillograms

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How to digitize complex oscillogram in manual mode using Graph Digitizer Scout

This example is a step-by-step tutorial showing how to digitize complex graph in manual mode with Graph Digitizer Scout software.

First download, install and run Graph Digitizer Scout

In this step-by-step tutorial we will learn how to digitize graph from a picture like this:

Source picture with oscillogram to be digitized

Run Graph Digitizer Scout:

Graph Digitizer Scout main editor window

Open a a picture file:

Use Open command of File menu to open picture with the chart you want to digitize

Selecting picture to open for digitizing

To digitize such a complex graph, it is better to use Manual Mode (press F7 to start Manual Mode mode)

As this graph contains points not sorted by X-axis, enable Not Sorted by X via Options | Preferences

Using Options menu to show up digitizer preferences dialog

And then check Not Sorted by X option in the Options dialog :

Check "not sorted by x" box

And click OK

Now change digitization mode to Manual by pressing F7 or by changing method on Digitization tab

Change operating mode to Manual mode

Now add points on the graph using left-button on your mouse:

Adding points to graph using mouse

To correct recently added point click on it using left mouse button and program will highlight selected point with red color:

Select points on the chart

Point is selected. To correct point and move it to another position please click another position and point will be moved to the new position:

Point moved to another position

To remove recently placed point click on the point with left mouse button:

Remove point from chart using mouse

to delete selected point press Delete or just right-click using your mouse

Point removed successfully

Add all other points according to the graph:

Adding more points for oscillogram

We can copy data to Excel via clipboard when we finished with all required points.

To copy data to the clipboard use Copy command in Edit menu

Copy data from oscillogram to clipboard

Then run Excel and use Paste command in Edit menu to insert points from clipboard:

Use Paste command from Edit menu to paste chart data to Excel from clipboard

Excel will paste points to A and B columns:

Data pasted to Excel from Graph Digitizer Scout

Now we can generate a chart using data in these columns where A column is X axis and B column is Y axis

Go to Insert menu and use Chart command to generate a chart:

Use Chart command in Insert menu to create a new chart

Set chart type and click Finish

Select new chart type

Excel will generate new chart using points we copied from graph digitized using Graph Digitizer Scout

Chart based on data digitized from oscillogram in MS Excel

Everything’s done!