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SDK vs Library vs Framework
As a programmer, you always encounter new terms that sometimes baffle your head. If you don't understand the basic concepts of these terms, you might face trouble later. One such case where many programmers and developers get stuck is the difference between SDK, library, and framework. Now, as easy as these terms look on paper, their concepts and differences are subtle, which might give you a headache. Further, even on the internet, very little information [...]
Learn About Useeffect in ReactJS
ReactJS is one of the leading JavaScript frameworks out there. It gives developers the ability to create responsive websites with a modern user interface. To give power in the hands of the developer, it uses plenty of techniques including hooks! Hooks are added to React in its 16.8 updates. In this article, we will cover how to make proper use of useEffect in ReactJS. But, before we go there, let’s first try to understand Hooks [...]
TOP-25 New Web Frameworks in 2023
Web frameworks have become a crucial element of web development, as the measures of web apps are constantly improving, so does the technology. It’s absolutely thoughtless to rediscover the apparatus for such complicated technologies considering that one can rediscover all that. Here is the list of TOP-25 most used web frameworks in 2023: Laravel Ruby on rails Django Meteor Flask ReactJS Phoenix (Elixir) Spring PLAY Express TensorFlow Symfony Yii CakePHP Vue.js Ember Backbone Bootstrap Google [...]
Frameworks for Analyzing Security Risks of Smart Devices
The development and advancement of the Internet of Things concept have led to an exponential growth of the number of smart devices connected to the internet. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of smart devices connecting to the internet will grow to about 50 billion.  Smart devices have been developed to support different human activities, including their personal affairs, financial affairs, and business affairs, which has made people’s lives more convenient. The concept of smart [...]
Laravel: The Ultimate PHP Low-Code Platform!
Laravel is a great low-code platform or framework for PHP coding! Laravel creates a lot of code automatically and includes a bevy of convenient templates to speed up development. Laravel also supports the model-view-controller (MVC) coding paradigm for PHP programming. In this ByteScout advanced developer intro, we will survey the awesome features of Laravel with example code. Developers describe Laravel as a PHP platform for coding web apps. But we want to include it as [...]
Vue.js vs ReactJS Head to Head: A Vue.js Tutorial
What is Vue.js and how is Vue.js framework distinguished from other popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries? To begin, Vue.js tools have different applications that strictly speaking are not ReactJS alternatives. Vue.j supports developer templates whereas ReactJS does not. Vue.js vs ReactJS performance metrics are similar for speed, but faster development leans toward Vue.js. In this Bytescout Vue.js for developers tour, we will explore essential Vue.js components, and more specifically Vue.js UI components, and we will [...]
Ultimate AngularJS Guide For Coding SPAs
Let’s start with a clear definition of a “single page application.” An SPA is a web application that is contained in a single HTML page that contains all scripts and resources required, and thus provides a user experience similar to a desktop app. Ideally, SPA loads all HTML, CSS, images, and required scripts such that all resources are dynamically available, and so that the page need not reload nor transfer control to another page. To [...]
.NET Framework – History and Advantages
.NET framework is a multipurpose software application development framework developed by Microsoft. It provides a uniform set of tools and features that can be used to develop a variety of applications including desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. The best thing about the .NET framework is that you don’t need to learn much about application development techniques once you have a basic understanding of the frame. Common Language Runtime Framework Class Libraries .NET History Can You [...]