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On November 8, 2017, ByteScout released a bunch of updates on all major products. Check the information below to know more about our tools and what new features you can use.

ByteScout PDF SDK

PDF SDK helps to create, convert and enrich PDF documents. In this new version, a new image parameter has been added. It allows selecting the image compression type. Moreover, users can have an extended support for encrypted documents.

ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK

This tool works with spreadsheets, enables converting and editing. Despite minor bug fixes, some major functions were fixed. Now, XLS documents containing chartdoughnut can be saved smoothly. Saving formulas in XLSX format is much easier! You can work with ODS format documents with a reinforced support.

ByteScout XLS Viewer

This free utility is indispensable for end-users working with spreadsheets. In the new version, you have more abilities processing ODS documents.

ByteScout PDF Multitool

This is a free utility for multiple purposes when working with PDF documents. The new version has gained the following functions:

  • Make Searchable PDF: Discard Existing Text option allows to overwrite previous OCR results;
  • PDF Merging: you can now merge the same file multiple times;
  • Improved rendering of PDF documents.

Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK

This tool allows developers extracting any info from PDF, convert tables, merge and split documents and much more. In the updated version, invisible text dimensions now match recognized text pieces. Automatic resampling of high-resolution images is added. Find more by using the PDF extractor tool.

ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK

This SDK presents extended viewing options. The updated version can handle parsing errors and interrupt or continue the processing.


The tool converts PDF to HTML. Current version functionalities are improved for rendering PDF documents and embedding of images into HTML code as `data URI`.