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Your download will begin in a moment. If it doesn't, click here to try again. Still having trouble? Use instant download links below: direct download (EXE installer - from US server 1) direct download (ZIP - from US server 1)  direct download (EXE installer - from US server 2)  direct download (ZIP - from US server 2)
SWF Bytescout SWF To Screensaver Scout command line license allows to automate making SCR or EXE screensavers from SWF and FLV flash movies.To automate creating screensavers (SCR, EXE) from Flash movies (SWF, FLV), use command line interface of SWF To Screensaver Scout.More Information about SWF to SCR and SWF to EXE command line: SWF To Screensaver Scout is able to convert SWF files into SCR (standalone screensaver file executbale) or EXE files (standalone installer with [...]
SWF to Screensaver Scout This is a great tool that works as a screensaver from flash FLV movies and SWF files. You can easily set and customize the files generated by the program.   Main Program Features Make screensavers from flash FLV movies and SWF files - create out-of-the-box standalone .EXE and .SCR files for Windows 2000 and higher (up to Windows Vista and Windows 7); DUAL monitors configurations support: screensaver runs on each additional [...]
SWF To Screensaver Scout Tutorial: How to convert SWF flash movies into redistributable Windows screensaver installer (.EXE) using SWF To Screensaver Scout.Run SWF To Screensaver Scout, select flash movie you want to use as screensaver and click Make Setup button:  The flash screensaver installer settings dialog will appear:   You can change Title, Copyrights, Publisher and other fields to your own values, enter title for the screensaver, enter URL of your web-site, etc. You can also set your own [...]