March 2018

Ultimate AngularJS Guide For Coding SPAs
Let’s start with a clear definition of a “single page application.” An SPA is a web application which is contained in a single HTML page which contains all scripts and resources required, and thus provides a user experience similar to a desktop app. Ideally, SPA loads all HTML, CSS, images, and required scripts such that all resources are dynamically available, and so that the page need not reload nor transfer control to another page. To [...]
Best Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence and Deep Learning Frameworks in 2018
Distinguishing Between AI and Machine Learning Clarifying the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence reveals important distinctions regarding many of the popular buzzwords in the field today. Let’s eliminate the confusion by establishing a simple hierarchy of terms. We can say that AI is the parent field of machine learning: Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Deep Learning Neural Network Artificial intelligence is a vast field of theories and methods, and to be perfectly clear: despite [...]
TOP-10 Blockchain Influencers in 2018
The Blockchain industry is a rapidly evolving space with the development of new technologies, techniques, and platforms almost every other day. So, keeping pace with this industry can be challenging indeed. I have, therefore, created a list of top 10 Blockchain influencers/tech influencers who are not just a source of inspiration to Blockchain professionals,  and aspirants alike but also ensure that you keep abreast of all the new developments. Now, let’s cut to the chase [...]
How to Add Popup Message Window using JQuery
The importance of pop-ups for websites is constantly on the rise. A pop up is basically a display area which appears on the website or visual interface. In simple words, pop-ups are dialogue boxes that appear anywhere on your website depending upon the code behind. One of the most common examples of a pop-up is a dialogue box asking you to confirm whether you want to close a tab or not. However, websites use these [...]