July 2017

Making Apps for VR: A Review of Available Programming tools
With the rise in the use of VR headsets, there are huge opportunities for developers to explore the uncharted territory of VR game development. VR is an exciting new development field, requiring engagement with a number of new disciplines and ideas as the developer seeks to create seamless, enjoyable and effective VR experiences. As VR attracts more and more developers, it is important to know the available development tools and what functionalities they offer. Some [...]
React Native – review and compare native codes
React Native revolutionized the way mobile apps were developed, largely because of its use of native code components. Components are complete units of code meant to provide a specific functionality. Basically, the Component architecture achieves separation of concerns for the application and allows ease of access and use. This article takes you through a few simple components, comparing their uses and types, to give you an introduction to React Native’s native codes. The web development [...]
Technologies Used to Write iPhone Applications
The iPhone app market is booming, and it’s a great playground for developers to get involved in, either for profit or as a vital learning experience. Given the iPhone’s dominance in the smartphone market, coding for iPhone gives you instant access to almost one-third of the entire mobile market in the US – 31.4% in January 2017. While that market size means the potential for success is huge, it also means it’s a huge, well [...]
Ultimate List of 40 Important SQL Queries
SQL is incredibly powerful, and like every well-made development tool, it has a few commands which it’s vital for a good developer to know. Here are a few of the most important ones – each of these queries is consequential to almost every system that interacts with an SQL database. 1.   Query for Retrieving Tables This query can be run to retrieve the list of tables present in a database where the database is “My_Schema”. [...]
10 Killing Steps to Introduce SQL databases
Knowing SQL can help you improve your skills as a developer. Learn what it is, see some basic commands and examples in this article: What Is SQL? What Is MySQL? How to Get Started Installing WAMP Installing MySQL Workbench Setting Up Sample Data How to See Data With the SELECT Statement How to Filter Data using the WHERE Clause Ordering Your Results Adding New Data with the INSERT Statement Changing Existing Data Using the UPDATE [...]
How to Be an Effective Freelance Developer
The world of freelance is expanding. Now, more and more websites offer a free area for freelance and remote work. Elance.com was one of the first ones to have these solutions. You simply build a profile for efficient connection with possible employers. The freelance world is becoming tougher each day. The level of competition arises between different platforms. That is why they offer loyal conditions to freelancers, provide add-ons to their service, give bonuses etc. [...]
All You Need to Know About Modular CSS Integration with React.JS
CSS modules allow you as a programmer to write CSS with class and animation names that are scoped locally by default, in much the same way as you would write functions and use variables in Javascript. Over the next few months we’ll be looking at some specific usage cases for Modular CSS, specifically with React.JS; this week, we’re introducing the topic. Why Use Modular CSS for React.JS? With conventional CSS, we declare a class globally [...]