February 2017

CSS module styles – how to write styles for Javascript application
A web page is essentially composed of three main pieces: -the content, most often structured by HTML; -the user interaction handled by javascript; -the page format managed by CSS stylesheet. All of those three parts are largely improved since the beginning of the web. In the late years, W3C specifies new standard like Html5 and Css3 while many frameworks are built on Javascript ( Jquery, Angular 2, ReactJS...). Javascript becomes even a server side language with [...]
VS Code, Atom Editor – Alternative Editors for C#
VS Code, Atom Editor – How would be your c# development experience using them Have you ever tried to use them in your work? Are they easy to use? Are they improving your productivity? If these words are meaningless for you, these are our feedbacks after using them. VS Code, Atom are some of the new generation of IDE (Integrated Debugging Environment), to be more correct let’s say simply text editors or SUPER text editors, [...]
Getting Started with ReactJS Components: The Only Guide You Need
ReactJS is one of the most modern and powerful javascript libraries for building user interfaces. It was initially developed and maintained by Facebook. In this article, we'll see how to start with ReactJS using the minimal setup (no use of nodejs). We'll also talk about each major parts of the library and finally, we'll focus on existing ReactJS available components in the market. The article includes the following chapters: 1. Quick start with ReactJS Choose the [...]