November 2016

This step by step tutorial shows how to learn bootstrap quickly and how to integrate the Bootstrap framework into an existing website. We’ll start with one of the default website templates in visual studio community 2015. We’ll then integrate some Bootstrap layout examples into it. At the end of this tutorial, the reader will know the Bootstrap’s fundamentals and should be able to use it in his work. The tutorial will be divided into 7 [...]
How The Resolution (DPI, Dots Per Inch) Affects Images And Video
The use of some terms in digital imaging has become a matter of great confusion for many people. It is really a cumbersome task for a layman to differentiate between Dots per Inch (DPI) and Pixels per Image (PPI). Well, both DPI and PPI are the measure of resolution for both onscreen and print images. It is pertinent to note that DPI is relatively an old term. People have been using this very term to [...]
Barcodes have become very common in today’s world. You see a barcode on almost everything you come across nowadays. You see them on consumable goods, gift cards, labels and everywhere in supermarkets. There is no denying of the fact that traditional pricing system has effectively given way to the barcodes. Almost all types of businesses across the globe are making most of the barcode technology. For example, it is used to identify employees in a [...]
Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK New OCR processing filters were added in order to make the recognition quality better, especially on bad-quality scanned documents. DocumentOptimizer class was added, it is able to recompress all images in the documents with JPEG or CCITT compression. New filters to remove were added. Any kind of extraction class (TextExtractor, XMLExtractor, etc.) is now capable to load image files and also extract some text with OCR help. A demo app [...]